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Top 10 Best SUV Cars in India 2023 With Prices


Top suv in India: Previously, utility vehicles were not very popular in India, but in the last few years, their demand among Indian consumers increased significantly. The SUV market expanded rapidly between 2018-2019 when 21% more SUVs were sold in India in comparison to the past years.

Many factors are leading to the popularity of SUV cars over sedans and hatchbacks. SUV cars are considered safer, and they are comfortable operating in the most challenging terrains also. If someone is living in flood-prone areas, SUVs are the best choice. They are also spacious, strong, and powerful.

If you are also thinking of buying an SUV then in this article, we will be providing you with the names and the details of the top 10 best SUVs in India which will make your selection process more comfortable.

Top 10 Best SUV in India

Hyundai Venue

This model was launched in May 2019. In the first six months of its launch, Hyundai managed to sell over 51,000 units of Hyundai Venue, which was an outstanding achievement and responsible for the revolution in the utility vehicle market in India. For this reason, it was also awarded the car of the year award, and it is among the best SUVs in India. 

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You have the option to buy both petrol and diesel variants, and you can get a mileage of 18.2 kmpl to 23.7 kmpl depending upon the chosen variant. It can cost you somewhere between 6.5 to 11.2 lacs.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

It is the best SUV in India from Maruti Suzuki, which has the performance and features that resemble the reputation of this brand. In 2018, it was the SUV/MPV of the Year, and it can cost you between 7.6 to 10.6 lacs. 

Currently, the only diesel variant is in the market which is fitted with a 1248 cc engine which provides you with a mileage of 24 kmpl. The company is also planning to launch the petrol variant soon.

KIA Seltos

If we’re talking about the top 10 SUVs in India, then this list will be disappointed without this name. The Korean brand with the launch of this SUV in August 2019, impressed many SUV lovers and at Autocar awards in 2020, it won the Viewer’s Choice Car of the Year title.

It has many excellent features like ventilated seats, heads up display, both petrol and diesel engine variants, three variants in terms of cubic capacity (1353 CC, 1497 CC, 1493 CC). You can expect a mileage between 16 to 21 kmpl, and it can cost you between 10 to 17.4 lacs in India. 

Hyundai Creta

It is one of the safest and best SUV cars in India featuring a hexagonal grille. Its manufacturers have installed many safety features like an impact sensing door unlock system, stability control, a touch screen display, and safety windows. In 2016, it was also awarded the Indian Car of the Year title. 

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Its mileage can differ between the range of 15.29 to 21.38 kmpl depending upon the variant.

Tata Harrier

One of the best SUVs in India, it was launched by TATA Motors in the first month of 2019. It has unmatchable features like rear parking sensors, Telescopic adjustable steering, projector body design, etc. It can cost you somewhere between 14 to 20 lacs, and its powerful 1956 cc engine can provide 17 kmpl mileage.

Mahindra XUV300

This SUV is the first model of Mahindra, got a 5-star safety rating, and has 6-speed manual transmission. Also available in an automatic variant, this SUV is among the best SUVs in India. Its price range is between 8.3 to 12.7 lacs. It provides mileage between 17 to 20 kmpl. You have two choices to choose between 1497 cc and 1197 cc variants.

Tata Nexon

Tata launched this in 2017, and this SUV is available in both diesel and petrol and also LPG variant. It is also fairly cheaper (7-13 lacs), and you have two choices between 1497 CC and 1198 CC variants. You get a mileage between 17 to 21 kmpl, and all this makes this one of the best SUV cars in India. This SUV is one of the best safest cars in India.

Mahindra XUV500

Launched in 2011, it is one of the oldest and best SUVs cars in India from Mahindra and many new updates have been made in this SUV to make it comparable to the newer ones in the market. This top-selling SUV car also got the 2012 Golden Steering Wheel Awards. It gives you a mileage of up to 15 kmpl. You have the choice between two variants based on engine capacity – 2179 cc and 1997 cc.

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Toyota Fortuner

Launched in 2009, it has various features like adjustable driver seats and increased luggage space in the newer versions making it one of the top 10 SUVs in India. The price of this SUV can range between 28 to 34 lacs, and you have the choice to choose between diesel and petrol models. If you buy a 2694 cc engine variant, then you can get 10.2 kmpl mileage, and if you choose the 2755 cc engine variant, it can give you 14.24 kmpl mileage.

Jeep Compass

If you are looking for a premium SUV, then it is the best choice for you. Brought to you by the Fiat Chrysler automobile, this SUV has won 26 awards and is equipped with cutting edge technology. Its ex-showroom price can differ between 15.5 to 25 lacs, and it gives you 15-17 kmpl mileage depending on the diesel or the petrol variant chosen. 

This was the list of top 10 SUVs in India. Get accurate information about the SUV before you choose to buy them.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Note: We are providing you with the ex-showroom price of all the SUVs in this article.


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