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best 125cc bike in india

Top 10 Best 125 CC Bikes in India 2023 for Mileage & Performance


Best 125 cc bike in India: The bike has remained one of the most chosen modes of conveyance for many people, especially in India and other such countries. The main reason for these two-wheelers’ popularity over cars is the price affordability, easy and low cost of maintenance, fuel efficiency, and less storage space. The two-wheeler manufacturers understand this demand well. Hence, many new bikes and upgraded models are introduced every year in the Indian market.

The two-wheeler sector in India has mainly two focus points. The first one is the manufacturing of average bikes that are needed for daily travelling, providing good mileage at less price and basic standard performance. The second one is manufacturing luxury premium bikes, which people buy for their love of bike riding. For the second section of consumers, the most popular choices are 125 cc bikes. These bikes are powerful, classy, and also give good fuel efficiency, speed, performance, and the price is not very high too.

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So, if you are also looking to buy a 125cc bike, here we are to help you with the list of best 125cc bikes in India, and this list will also include the few best mileage bikes in 125cc.

Honda CB Shine

This is the first bike in our list of the best 125 CC bikes, one of Honda’s finest bikes. It has a powerful and reliable 124.7 cc engine, which is capable of giving a maximum power output of 10.16 bhp at 7500 rpm. It is also a fuel economic bike, and according to ARAI data, this bike gives you a mileage of 65 kmpl. 

It also has a 4-speed transmission system along with 7 different colour variances making it one of the best bikes in 125 cc in India. Its starting ex-showroom price is about Rs.59000 (Delhi).

Bajaj Discover 125

There are many bikes from Bajaj in the Discover series, but recently, it also launched and included 110 cc and 125 cc bikes too in that series. Bajaj Discover 125 is a modern technology-based bike with excellent graphics, revised style, LED DRL, tail lamp, alloy wheels, and optional front disc brakes.

Its 125cc engine provides you with a maximum torque of 11 Nm, 11 bhp power, and its ex-showroom price is about Rs.56000(Delhi).

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Hero Super Splendor

100cc bikes were the most popular segment of bikes from Hero‘s Splendor brand, but they also made an entry in the 125cc category with Super Splendor. Its body design still follows the old classic motorcycle design, and it is equipped with an i3S start-stop system. 

This bike can generate power of 11bhp, and you get 60 kmpl mileage with this bike.  

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Rs. 58100 is its ex-showroom price in Delhi.

Yamaha Saluto

It is one of the top-selling bikes that is lightweight, without many frills, and affordable. Its capability to provide a mileage of 78 kmpl makes it the best mileage bike in Yamaha’s 125 cc segment. 

This bike can achieve a maximum torque of 10.1 Nm and can give 8 bhp power output. It is equipped with tubeless tyres, a 4-speed gearbox, and 2 different colour variants to choose from. It can cost up to Rs. 56,364 (Delhi ex-showroom price).

Hero Glamour

This is the second top-selling after the Honda Shine series. It is fitted with LED taillights, wider tyres, a 4-speed gearbox, semi-digital console, new graphics, and a single-cylinder 124.7 cc engine capable of producing 11 Nm of torque. 

Its ex-showroom price is around Rs.67000 (Delhi), and it can give you a fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl-62 kmpl depending upon the chosen variant. All this makes it one of the best 125cc bikes in India.

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Bajaj Pulsar 125

Being one of the most popular choices of all time, this is the next bike in our list of India’s best 125cc bikes. If you are looking for both performance and looks at a low price, it is the best bike in 125cc for you. 

Equipped with a 5-gear transmission system and single-cylinder, air-cooled engine producing 8 bhp of peak power and 11 Nm of torque, Droom Auto Awards gave this bike the title of the ‘New Commuter Bike of the Year’ (2020). 

It gives you 62 kmpl mileage, and its starting ex-showroom price is around Rs. 63700 (in Delhi).

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Honda SP 125

This is another excellent bike from Honda, which is fitted with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine giving you a power output of 10.8 bhp. It also provides a fuel efficiency of 65 kmpl, making it a popular choice for India’s best 125 cc bike. It can cost you around Rs. 59000.

Now let’s increase our budget.

KTM 125 Duke

It is the most popular 125 cc bike among youngsters because of its style and looks. It is a fairly costly bike whose ex-showroom price in Delhi can cost you around Rs. 138041. Its engine has a 6-speed transmission, and it provides you peak power of 14.5 bhp and 34.5 kmpl fuel efficiency.

Ninja Kawasaki 125

It is not yet launched in India, but it is a real beast. It is currently sold in very few countries of the world, and with an ex-showroom price of around Rs.160000, it is planned to be launched in India soon.

 Its engine can produce 15 bhp of power and 11.7 Nm of torque. This sportbike has all modern features and can guarantee high-end performance for real riders.

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KTM RC 125

If you are looking for a sportbike, then this will be the best 125 cc bike in India. It has a 4 valve, liquid cooling engine providing 41.3 kmpl mileage. The capacity of its tank is 9.5 litres, and it can cost you around Rs. 155277 (Delhi ex-showroom price). It is among the luxury bikes available in India. 

These were the top 10 best 125cc bikes in India. I hope you found this helpful.


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