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best electric bikes in india

List of Top 10 Best Electric Bikes in India 2023


Saving fuel is a good option and using electric bikes in India is one of the best ones. Here we have introduced you to the best electric bikes in India that you must consider if you want to buy one.

  1. Hero Electric Optima Plus:

Here we have an electric bike with a motor of power 250 W. Hero electric optima plus is one of the best electric bikes in India.

This electric motor is strong enough to let you experience a decent speed with the bike.

We all know electric bikes suffer a low pick up and speed compared to the sports bike or that other mileage of bikes.

The bike takes about 6 to 7 hours to get fully charged and can give you an average mileage of about 70 km for one complete charge.

The price of the bike is about 42 thousand rupees and one good thing to know is that you do not need a driving license to ride this bike. So, children can use it for themselves as it is safe and valid.

  1. Hero Electric Cruz:

In this electric bike, you get a 100 cc engine displacement with a power of 250 W in its motor.

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The gearbox of the bike is automatic and the maximum speed it can attain is just 25 Kmph.

A fully charged Hero Electric Cruz can give you a mileage of about 70 km. As it is an electric bike, you get no kick start in it and the battery must be taken care of.

The price of the bike is around fifty-two thousand rupees and the bike is available to you in five different colour options.

  1. Avon E Scoot:

Once again a bike with a 100 cc displacement engine and automatic gearbox.

The battery gets recharged in just 6 to 8 hours which can then give you a mileage of 65 KM per charge.

The power of the motor is about 250 W and the maximum speed of the bike is just 24 KM. The price of the bike is around 41 thousand rupees.

  1. Yo Xplor:

Yo Xplore is a lightweight bike with the most affordable price you can get for any of the two-wheelers.

The price of the bike is just thirty-eight thousand rupees and the weight of the bike is just 91 kgs. The motor possessed by the bike is of 250 W power.

You can also use the bike in two modes which are power and economy. On one full charge, the bike can go for 100 to 105 km.

In economy mode, you get a speed in the range of 30 to 35 kmph, and in the power mode, the speed can be extended to about 55 kmph.

  1. Tork T6X:

A very expensive bike made to give you power in your hand with the use of electricity.

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The bike has been backed up with a motor of 6kW power which is quite impressive for an electric bike.

The bike gets charged in just 70-80 minutes and you can move about a hundred kilometers with one complete charge.

  1. Indus Yo Xplor:

Another affordable bike of just 37 thousand rupees with a motor of 750 Watt. The engine of the bike is 100cc.

It takes about 6 to 8 hours to charge the battery completely. With one complete charge, it will run for about 60 km. The maximum speed of the bike is just 25 kmph.

  1. Hero Electric Optima:

Another bike with a heavy and powerful motor and better mileage. It is also a bit expensive with a price of 58 thousand rupees.

Battery charging time for the bike is 6 to 8 hours, the standard time. Here also, the maximum speed is just 25 kmph.

With a completely charged battery, this bike can give you a ride of about 70 Km distance.

  1. Indus Yo Spark:

A bike with an engine displacement of 100cc and a BLDC hub motor of 750 W, this bike brings more power in your hand.

This bike also takes about 6 to 8 hours to get charged but once it is charged completely, it can last for a long distance of 75 km.

The price of the bike is about 45 thousand rupees and the maximum speed of the bike is 45 KMPH.

  1. Hero Electric AXLHE-20:

The power of the bike is massive to believe. It is about 6000 watts.

The engine of the bike is 100 cc displacement with the price of the bike being 55 thousand rupees.

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The tires of the bike are tubeless and the rear brake system is of drum and the front brake is of the disc brake.

  1. Hero Electric Maxi:

The most affordable electric scooty with a price of just 32 thousand rupees. The power of the bike is 0.33bhp.

The battery charging time of the bike is 6 to 8 hours and the mileage after a complete charge is 70 Km and a maximum speed of 25 KMPH.

Note: – The data may change slightly as these data are under specified conditions. Also, share your views in the comment box.


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