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Top 10 Best Electric Cars in India 2023


We have been aware of the surge in sales of electric cars worldwide, especially in the USA market. The usefulness of such cars is not hidden from anyone. More electric cars in the future, less pollution in the environment. Car manufacturers have already taken such an initiative to produce environment-friendly cars in the future. India is not behind bars, and the country is focusing more on producing electric cars. Some companies have already manufactured such cars. Tata, Hyundai, Mahindra have already acquired the market in electric cars as well as their previous products. If you are searching for an electric car in India, this article can help you decide appropriately to buy. As the future is going to be dependent on cutting-edge technology, electric cars are going to be our friends. I am going to give a list of the Top 10 Best Electric Cars in India. You can find it according to your budget or choice. If you also want your surroundings greener and cleaner, then an electric car is one of the best options to avail in the future for a pollution-free environment.

List of Top Electric Cars in India

Tata Tigor EV

Tata is a reputed company which has tried its hands in making electric cars. One of the among is the Tigor EV model, which comes with an ample number of features. This car offers a 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with two different types of charging options – regular and fast chargers. It’s Interesting to know that whereas the regular charger takes 12 hours to charge, the fast charger only takes only 2 hours. Tigor EV can reach up to 80 kmph.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 80 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 16.2 kWh
  • Range – 142 km
  • Price – Rs. 11.37 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 6 hours

Mahindra eVerito

Equipped with a 3-phase motor, eVerito is another option from Mahindra company. Features like electro-hydraulic power steering and tubeless steel wheels make the car greedier. The car is powered with 510-litre boot space.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 86 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 21.2 kWh
  • Range – 181 km
  • Price – 10.39 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 11-12 hours

Tata Nexon EV

Another name for Tata manufacturers is Nexon EV which ensures the temperature low even after a long drive due to its battery. Being known as the brand’s first electric car, it generates a maximum power of 127bhp. While its regular charger takes around 8 hours to charge, the fast charger takes only 60 minutes.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 120 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 30.2 kWh
  • Range – 312 km
  • Price – 13.99 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 8 hours

Hyundai Kona Electric

Though Hyundai is a Korean company, its business has spread across the whole world. Being considered one of India’s top 10 best electric cars, the car gives you an impressive mileage. The car generates 134bhp of maximum power.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 167 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 39.2 kWh
  • Range – 452 km
  • Price – 28.04 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 6 hours


The car comes with many brilliant features like 448-litre boot space, projector headlamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, LED taillights, and many more. The car generates a maximum power of 143bhp and 353 Nm of torque. The car gives you 140 kmph top speed.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 140 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 44.5 kWh
  • Range – 340 km
  • Price – 20.88 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 6-8 hours

Mahindra E20 Plus

Mahindra has manufactured back-to-back electric cars in recent years. One such car is the E20 Plus which generates a maximum power of 25bhp and 70Nm. This is yet another electric car from Mahindra after E20. It’s a 4 seater car suitable for your small family.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 90 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 10.08 kWh
  • Range – 99.9 km
  • Price – 7.48 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 5-6 hours

Upcoming things always come with some surprises. If you want to witness those surprises, you may wait. There is a list of electric cars which are going to be launched in the upcoming months with some more upgraded features. Following cars also include the top 10 best electric cars in India.  

Mahindra XUV300 EV

There is not much information about the car, but as per the official source, the car is going to compete with Tata Nexon EV. So, some powerful features will be there. It has the maximum cabin space as per the source.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – Yet to be announced
  • Battery capacity – 40kWh
  • Range – 200-300 km
  • Price – 18 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – Yet to be announced

Mahindra e-KUV100

Mahindra has another car in their upcoming list of electric cars. The car generates 54bhp and 120Nm torque. The company has already showcased this product at the Auto Expo held in Feb 2020.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – yet to be announced
  • Battery capacity – 15.9 kWh
  • Range – 140 km
  • Price – 9-10 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – 6-8 hours

Tata Tiago EV

Tiago has already made its debut at the Delhi Auto Expo. You can expect 135bhp power and 200Nm torque. Its fast charging feature will blow your mind.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 135 km
  • Battery capacity – 30 kW
  • Range – 130 km
  • Price – 5-7 lakh approx.
  • Charging time – Yet to be announced

Audi e-Tron

The car is expected to launch in June 2021. We all are aware that Audi is an expensive car. So, this car is limited to a definite kind of audience as it is a luxury car. With some advanced and safety features, you get the dual-screen user-friendly infotainment system. If you are addicted to speed, you can choose this.

Features to consider –

  • Top speed – 200 kmph
  • Battery capacity – 95 kWh
  • Range – 400 km
  • Price – 90 lakh – 1 crore approx
  • Charging time – Yet to be announced

Though the pandemic has halted the launch events, there is no need to worry. You can fulfill your dream of buying a suitable electric car with a little patience. An electric car in India is extremely significant for a better healthy future. 

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