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best helmet in india

Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India


Best helmets in India: On-road safety is extremely important and while riding, your only companion is the helmet that can save your life. Here we have brought the top 10 helmet and helmet brands that you must go to to buy a helmet.

Top 10 Best Helmet Manufacturers Company in India

Vega Crux Helmet:

As the name suggests, the helmet has the feature of a flip-up jawline. On-road or off-road, these helmets are known to be your great companion.

Vega is one of the most trusted names in the list of best helmets in India. They have been considered one of the safest helmets in the market.

Not just safety, the company has also managed to keep the fashion on-trend. This helmet is safe as well as a trendy design fit for everyone.

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Studds Helmet:

Studds is named you can find everywhere in the country. It is one of the best helmet companies in India. Studds offers the best helmets in India.

One reason I can claim this is that this helmet is made up of highly engineered thermoplastic for its outer layer.

This thermoplastic is engineered to save you from different kinds of shocks and trauma. It also has EPS concussion padding for a smooth and effective experience of the ride.

The design of the helmet is adjusted aerodynamically so that you don’t face any issues when you are riding at high speed.

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Steel Bird Helmet:

Steel Bird is the best helmet manufacturer in India. If you are young and have a sports bike, you might also want a helmet with a design that suits your bike.

Not this helmet but Steel Bird itself is one of the best helmet brands in India. They are known for safety, security, and design at the same time.

You will surely love the matt design of the helmet that gives you a sportier and adventurous look.

They are ISI certified and have a very comfortable interior along with a solid and strong outer cover to keep you safe in all terms

LS2 Helmet:

When you plan to buy a helmet, you consider a number of things like the product used to manufacture, design, and look.

You might one of the key features which are airflow in the helmet. This is the feature that makes them one of the top ten helmet brands in India.

The airflow in the helmet is super comfortable and provides very effective ventilation. Not just that, they are equally effective in terms of safety.

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HJC Helmet:

The helmet is a true example of sturdy and tough.

It is strong enough to save you from all kinds of shock and accidents. It is made of polycarbonate and that’s why it is so strong.

Not just strong, it is super comfortable and provides you a very trendy look. The design is very funky and unique.

Autofy Helmet:

You can consider any of the top ten helmet companies in India and all of them have something unique and different with them.

Autofy is known for providing quality products with a very decent design and some very important key features that should not be missed.

The visor of the helmet is a key point to consider but some people miss it. This helmet also has a retractable visor which can be customized as per the user.

One better feature is also the leather cover for the ears the makes it an even more comfortable experience.

SMK Helmet:

SMK is a name that has been trusted by a wide audience of India. They themselves are a seal of trust.

They have managed to get a great look in their helmets along with the super quality outer covering that is extremely strong.

They are also designed aerodynamically to reduce wind resistance and don’t let your helmet be affected at high speed.

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Wrangler Helmet:

Wrangler is regarded as one of the most customer-conscious brands. They always prefer the satisfaction of the customer.

Alongside, not all the customers of the helmet are young, this is a decent design that is suitable for young or old, any age.

Design is not their only strength. Their designs are equally strong and long-lasting. All the helmets of Wrangler are ISI approved proving their power in terms of your safety.

Royal Enfield Helmets:

You must have heard the name of this company. It might not be for the helmets but for a bike, you must have heard it.

They not only manufacture bike but also provides all kind of bike-related accessories with strong and durable quality.

Royal Enfield as the name suggests provides products with a royal touch in their design.

Aerostar Helmets:

This company is known to provide a very decent product at a very low price. They are ISO certified company with an ISI mark on all products proving their quality.


This is the list of the top 10 best helmet brands in India you can choose from. Do share your experience and preference in the comment box.


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