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Know About the Top 10 Best Rear Wheel Drive Cars in India


Rear wheel drives car depends on the power distribution wheels with their rotational momentum. This was the most common and important driving configuration of the 20th century. A rear-wheel provides weight, power, gearing, tire size, and faster acceleration than an FWD car. Many vehicles come with a rear wheel; this is most preferable by Indian car buyers. Here we provide a list of RWD cars in India.

Panhard founded this automobile in 1895; that’s why the RWD car configuration was also known as the System Panhard era. He built this automobile to balance the weight of the stuff under the vehicle. After using RWD, the engine doesn’t need the driveshaft, but it may be heavy in the back. But nowadays, this serious concept is not applicable because new generation car manufacturers might make lighter RWD cars than past once.

It is considered that RWD cars are better than FWD cars because these curves and turns are very helpful in traffic and dry conditions on the roads. RWD cars are also very low maintenance, and they maintain the proper acceleration and distribute uneven weight. In this article, we will discuss such rear wheel drive cars in India.

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The following list is about RWD cars in India:

Mahindra Bolero:

Mahindra Bolero is a 7-seater rear-wheel-drive car. It is available in a diesel engine and has ABS and Airbag and a new bold grille. It costs around Rs.9.31lakh onwards.

Mahindra Scorpio:

Mahindra Scorpio is India’s most common 7-seater Rwd car. Mahindra Scorpio is available in a diesel engine with 43 cm Tyres, Dual airbags & Abs led tail lamps. Its starting price is Rs.9.31lakh.

Toyota Innova Crysta:

Toyota Innova Crysta is a 7-seater RWD car. It is available in a petrol engine with a 2694cc engine. It also Child safety locks airbags. Toyota Innova Crysta’s starting price is Rs.18.24 lakh.

Mahindra Alturas G4:

Mahindra Alturas G4 is one of the bold 7-seater Indian rear wheel drive cars. Its starting range is Rs.28.8 lakhs to Rs.31.8 lakh. It comes in a diesel engine with special features like plush Nappa Leather Upholstery, a more ventilated seat, and descent control.

Maruti Eeco:

Maruti eeco is an Indian RWD car that can carry huge luggage without any problem. It is 5 seater RWD car which comes in a petrol engine with 1196 cc. Maruti eeco’s starting price is Rs.4.28 lakh.

Bajaj Qute:

Bajaj Quote is the cheapest rear wheel drive car in India. Its price started at 2.64 lakh onwards. It is a 4-seater auto taxi available in petrol engine.

Isuzu D-Max:

Isuzu D-Max is one of India’s most stylish RWD cars. Its range starts from Rs.19.48 lakh to Rs. 26.95 lakh. Isuzu D-Max has a powerful diesel engine with a 1898cc engine size. It also provides soft and comfortable rides, automatic climate control, and both power windows front and rear.

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MG Gloster:

MG Gloster is a very hardy and stunning rear wheel drive car noticed on India road. MG Gloster’s starting price is from Rs.31.50lakh to Rs.39.50 lakh. This 6-seater is available in a diesel engine with a 1996cc engine size. It is a 2950mm wheelbase car. MG Gloster provides driver & passenger airbags, alloy wheel, and multi-function steering wheels.

Isuzu MU-X:

Isuzu MU-X is also 7 seater RWD car in India. This car has a 1898cc diesel engine with a mileage of 13.0km/l. Prices of Isuzu MU-X starting from Rs.34.99 lakh goes up to Rs.37.89 lakh.

Ford Endeavour:

Ford Endeavour is a 7-seater classic RWD car in India that starts at Rs.33.81lakh to Rs.36.26 lakh. It comes in a 1996cc diesel engine with 12 km/l to 13 km/l mileage.

Toyota Fortune:

Toyota Fortune is considered the best rear wheel drive car model among all Toyota cars. Its prices start from Rs.31.4 lakh to Rs.43.4 lakh. Toyota Fortune is 7 seater car with a 2755cc diesel engine and has 6-speed gears. Toyota Fortune also has safety features like automatic headlamps, ABS and ASR, and EBA with EBD and ESP.

Jaguar XE:

Jaguar XE is one of India’s most beautiful and expensive RWD cars. It has a 1997cc petrol engine and high speed of mileage 250km/7l with 6.5 seasons of acceleration. Jaguar XE price starts at Rs.46.64 lakh to Rs.48.50 lakh.

Jaguar F-Type:

Jaguar launched the Jaguar F- the type which is one of the best luxurious RWD cars in India. It’s a 2-seater car with a 3.7-second acceleration and a high mileage speed of 300km/l. Jaguar F- type design is as lean as elegant from all angles. Its price starts at Rs. Rs.97.93 lakh to Rs.2.61 core.

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Rolls-Royce Phantom:

Rolls-Royce Phantom is included in India’s luxurious rear wheel drive car list. In 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom became the bestselling RWD car in India; from then on till now, it has managed to remain the best-selling car. Its price starts at Rs.9.5 core to Rs.1l.5 core based on the standard of the wheelbase. Rolls-Royce Phantom offers 5.4-second acceleration with a top speed of 250km/l.

BMW 3 Series:

BMW 3 Series is a 5-seater exclusive RWD car in India. BMW 3 Series price starting Rs.46.85 lakh. It provides a 1995cc diesel engine with 19.62 km/l mileage. BMW 3 Series has a 2851 mm wheelbase.


BMW Z4 is a 2-seater elegant RWD car in India. BMW Z4 price starting Rs.71.79 lakh. It has 4.5 to 6.6 seconds of acceleration with a top speed of 240-250km/l.

Mercedes- Benz E- Class:

Mercedes- Benz E- class is the most dynamic, elegant, luxurious rear wheel drive car. It is a 3079 mm wheelbase car. Mercedes- Benz E- class has 6.1 to 7.6 seconds of acceleration with a top speed of 240-250km/l. Its price starts at Rs.66.99lakh.

Conclusion:  Above elaborated cars are the best rear-wheel-drive cars in India. RWD car mainly provides all the safety measures and a comfortable ride despite needing less maintenance cost and are easy to drive; Indian car buyer prefers RWD Car to FWD car because of their great performance efficiency. With prices ranging from low to high, vehicles like this are discussed above.


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