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Best Small Cars in India

List of Top 10 Best Small Cars in India 2023


There is a huge market for small cars in India. The numbers are increasing rapidly. The people especially the middle-class family is too attracted by the small cars. It is indeed that the small car area is the busiest area in the car business. Small vehicles allude to those vehicles which have a low maintenance cost, have restricted space inside, give better eco-friendliness, and think of moderate expenses.

As it is economic friendly, thousands of customers are running towards grabbing a small car. That is the motivation behind why small vehicles in India are very much demanding in the automobile market. In this article, we will be discussing the best small cars in India.

When discussing small vehicles in India, things come to our head that it might be smaller sizes, higher eco-friendliness, and cost-viability. Thus, conservative vehicles actually concrete a solid situation in the Indian car market, notwithstanding the developing notions towards profoundly estimated SUVs and hybrids among buyers in present days. India, as a whole we know, is a value delicate market and small vehicles are consistently a superior alternative as they can save one’s pocket the most. Let’s delve into the article.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid made a place for the cross-incubate vehicle sub-division in India. This car is among the best small cars in India. The Kwid hatchback is a significant vehicle in its classification in India. The rugged-looking SUV-ish styling plan of the vehicle is one of the principal reasons that allude a bunch of buyers to Renault’s showroom consistently.

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Specifically, the 2019 Renault Kwid (facelift) comes at the perfect opportunity to recapture purchasers’ advantage to the cross-incubate after more players have got on board with the trend as of now. It comes at a price between RS. 2.67 – 4.63 lakh. This compact dimensioned car makes the car a definite choice for your next small car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Launched in 2010, this car is still a very popular choice in the Indian small car industry. With the compact dimensions, this car is an easy-to-drive option providing great performance. 5 colours are available in the market. So, there is a diverse choice option for anyone. One can avail this car between 3.38 – 4.24 lakh. It is one of the top cars under 5 lac in India.

Hyundai Elite i20

The car has already been tagged as a best-selling model of India because 14, 700 units were sold in 2019 by Elite i10. With a proper European style design, this small car gives great quality petrol and engine set up. The cabin is spacious and fully functional equipped with high-quality materials around the world. The price is also attractive that starts at 6.49 – 8.30 lakh.

Hyundai EON

Hyundai EON was launched in 2011 and instantly grabbed audiences’ attention. This small car is best fitted for those who are seeking low-budget options. One can drive this car on highways as well as in rural areas also. The compact size and alluding design make the car more attractive. If you have any fascination about Hyundai cars, you can go for it. The price starts at 3.32 – 4.68 lakh.

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Datsun RediGo

Priced between 2.61 – 4.32 lakh, Datsun RediGo can be an affordable choice for all small car lovers. The car gives you a decent mileage capacity which is between 22.5 – 22.7 km. This 799 CC car satisfies one at every level. There are 6 variants in the market right now. Safety features like driver airbag, rear parking sensor, and ABS with EBD are available in the car.

Tata Nano

One of the most popular choices in the small car market is Tata Nano. When it was launched, there was a hustle in the showroom. Though the craze is lacking now, the car is still a sensation for all small car lovers. With the brilliant design, Tata Nano grabbed the attention of millions. The price starts at 2.05 – 2.97 lakh. It is one of the cheapest cars available in the Indian market.

Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago has been a great part in the top 10 small cars in India for a long time. Tata Tiago couldn’t grab audiences’ attention towards its display areas at first. In any case, with a solid incentive for cash remainder and convincing bundle, the Tata hatchback in the long run figured out how to cause them to comprehend the qualities that it was selling on. This 1199 CC car gives 85 PS max power and 114 Nm of max torque. The price starts at 4.86 – 6.74 lakhs. It is one of the safest cars available in India.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has a good reputation in the small car industry. And the saga is still going on. Launched in 1983, the car has acquired lots of audiences’ hearts. Being an old model, this was considered as a best-selling model also. Maruti re-launched its updated version of Alto 800 with a 796 CC 3 cylinder engine. The car generates a max power of 47 BHP and 69 Nm of torque. Alto 800 comes at a price between 2.94 – 4.36 lakhs.

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Maruti Celerio

Contrasted with numerous other Maruti vehicles, the Celerio falls behind in the business stakes however it’s still outstanding amongst other small cars that you can discover in India with great costs. The Maruti Celerio is known for its fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. The price starts at 4.41 – 5.68 lakhs.

Ford Figo

It was launched in 2010. Though it is an American brand in India, the car has won the title of “Indian car of the year”. This handsome-looking car generates a max power of 120 Nm of torque. Two new engines were added to the car. The price starts at 5.49 – 8.15 lakhs. It is one of the best mileage cars in India.


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