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Know About the Best Two-Wheelers for Ladies in India 2023


Nowadays Two-wheeler is a scooter that is very important for daily work not only for men but also for women. Two wheels give easy trip, safety, and comfortable ride for customary purposes. For now, scooters are much needed for ladies because nowadays, besides domestic work, women are highly involved in work and jobs outside of their home. Nowadays, women are more independent than past; that’s why women do a lot of work that requires scooters. This article is elaborated the best scooty for girls.

Scooter was invented by Karl von Draid de Sauerdrun in germany in 1817. In India scooter was launched in 1972 and is known as Luna. It is a 55cc. But according to automobile production, India Scooters have been manufactured since 1995. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller was the first motorcycle production.

In India, there are many scooters Manufactured by motors company that are mostly unisex, but it is seen that women are more fond of scooters. At present days the scooters are manufacturers by Manufacturers, keeping in mind the safety Measure, style, comforts, seat size, load capacity, lightweight, more new features, smooth ride, both brakes, front space, as well as the hardy body; those the requirement of women riders. Present-day automobile maneuvers are made of various types of scooty with different colors, such as black. White, red, blue, yellow, gray, pink, etc. Scooters are essential for today’s life, and they are the prime thing for today’s women’s lives. In this article we will discuss about the best two wheeler for ladies, the best female latest model scooty.

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List of best scooty for girls in India:

Yamaha Fascino:

Yamaha Fascino can be called the showstopper.Fasicno is the female latest model scooty.This lady’s scooter comes in two versions drum and disc. The disc version provides a Bluetooth_enabled digital instrument cluster, LED headlight, and taillight. However, both version has a smart generator and automatic start/ stop technologies. Yamaha Fascino provides 125 cc with 8.04 bhp max power and has a mileage of 50 km/l. Yamaha Fascino Drum version’s starting price is from Rs.78,405 to Rs. 79,438, and the disc version price starts from Rs.84,582 to Rs.86,639.

Honda Activa:

Honda Activa is a ladies’ scooty launched by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India. Honda Activa provides 109.51 ccs with 7.68 bhp max power and has a mileage of 50 km/l. Honda Activa 6G standard starting price is Rs71,328Active 6G exclusive starting range is Rs.73,072. Honda Activa offers an Analogue speedometer Meter, Analog trip meter, Analogue odometer, and external fuel capacity.

TVS Jupiter:

TVS Jupiter is also a female latest model scooty, which gives a comfortable ride. Nowadays, it is most common on Indian roads. It provides 110 ccs with 7.37bhp max power and has a mileage of 50 to 60 km/l. TVS Jupiter prices start at Rs.73,976. This scooter comes with features like a pilot, low fuel warning lamp, LED tail Lights, Analogue speedometer Meter, and Analogue trip meter.

Hero Pleasure:

Hero Pleasure is launched by Hero Motocorp. It is reaspetcly lightweight and more scooty than others. Hero Pleasure best scooter for ladies. It provides 110.9cc with 8 bhp max power and has a mileage of 50 km/l, and its weight is about 101kg. Hero Pleasure starts at Rs.63,821. It has features like a Bluetooth-enabled digital cluster, LED projector headlamp, and much better acceleration.

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TVS Scooty Pep Plus:

TVS Scooty Pep Plus is another two-wheeler for ladies. It has some features like. TVS Scooty Pep ladies scoter which comes with 88cc with 5 bhp max power and has a mileage of 68 km/l, and its weight is about 95kg; its efficient performance is very convincing for ladies riders. TVS Scooty Pep plus prices start at Rs.4,5054. This scooter also has features like another scooter, such as an Analogue speedometer Meter, Analogue trip meter, low fuel warning lamp, alloy wheel, and average fuel economy.

Suzuki Access:

Suzuki Access is the best scooty for girls: it has some features like an external fuel-filler cap, USB charging socket, and Voltage Meter. Suzuki Access provides 124cc with 8.6 bhp max power and has a mileage of 48 km/l, and its weight is about 104 kg. Its scoters price started at Rs.75,024.

TVS Wego:

TVS Wego is a unisex scooter launched by TVS Motor India. This ladies scooter is also most commonly seen on Indian roads. TVS Wego price starts at Rs.62,254. This scooter provides 110cc with 8 bhp max power and has a mileage of 48 km/l, and its weight is about 108 kg. TVS Wego also provides a few features, such fully digital speedometer pilot lamp.

Honda Dio:

Honda Dio is one of the stylish scooters launched by Honda. This ladies scooty is a little old model, and it offers great performance on Indian roads. Honda Dio’s price starts at Rs.69,290. This scooter provides 109.51cc with 7.65 bhp max power and has a mileage of 48 km/l, and its weight is about 105 kg. Honda Dio also has some features like ACG silent starter, DC LED headlamp, and external fuel filter cap.

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Yamaha Ray ZR 125 (BS6):

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 is one of the Bestselling ladies scooters in India. This scooter provides 125 cc with 8.04 bhp max power and has a mileage of 52 km/l, and its weight is about 98 kg. Yamaha Ray ZR 125 price starts at Rs.82,219. This scooter offers a few features, such as a digital speedometer digital trimester; a digital odometer also has a front and rear brake.

TVS NTorq 125 (BS6):

TVS NTorq 125 is another bold and hardy scooter launched by TVS Motor India. It provides a smooth ride with safety; however, this ladies scooty has become a bestselling two-wheel. It comes with 124.8cc with 9.25 bhp max power and has a mileage of 42 km/l, and its weight is about 116.1 to 118kg.TVS NTorg’s starting price is between Rs.68,483 To Rs.1,16,315.


Nowadays, besides men, women are also fond of bikes or scooters, and the number of women reading Scotter has increased by a lot in the last decade. So, as days have passed, the demand for women’s women’s bikes has increased. So, in India, the production of women’s bikes has been introduced to fulfill their demand. The scooter discussed above is the best for ladies as those are suitable for women, and they can go for them.

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