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Top 7 Cheapest Bikes in India With Price and Mileage 2023


Low Maintenance Bikes in India: Have a plan to buy the cheapest bike in India? Have you pondered over the suitable features you need for your bike? Buying a bike is now an essential part of our daily lives. It’s helpful in many ways and there is no need to go into detail as we all are aware of that. The Indian automobile market is developing at a rapid pace especially the motorcycle segment.

Some manufacturing companies have already made low-cost bikes in India. Either it is Bajaj or Hero, they have made bikes for the underprivileged section of society so that every person can fulfil their long-bearing dream. And yes, buying a bike is counted as a dream also. This is why the article has been curated so that one can choose wisely without making any silly mistake.

  1. Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj CT 100 is one of the most popular and low-cost bikes in India in the entry-level segment. Bajaj is an old name in the automobile industry. They are well-known for their quality service to the audience. You can choose the kick start or electric start option among two variants. For safer performance, the combined braking system is there to provide strong braking of the bike. This can be proven the most demanding bike in the motorcycle industry.

  • This is powered by a 102 cc engine.
  • It produces a peak power of 7.8bhp with 8.34Nm of torque.
  • It gives 75kmpl of mileage.
  • The price starts at Rs 44, 890.
  1. Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe is available in many variants. You can choose from kick start with spoke wheels to electric start with alloy wheels. Known as the low-maintenance bike, the company has introduced a combined braking system under extreme braking conditions for safer performance. The speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge are available with the bike.

  • HF Deluxe is powered by a 97.2 cc engine.
  • The bike is capable of generating 7.91bhp power with 8.05Nm of torque.
  • One can avail 65kmpl of mileage.
  • The price starts at Rs 48, 950.
  1. Bajaj Platina

If you are looking for low-maintenance bikes in India, this is yet another hotshot on the list. Awarded as the “Bike of the year” at NDTV Profit Bike India – 100 ccs in 2007, Platina offers a smooth riding experience. It comes with such features as a speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge that add a different dimension to the bike.

  • Platina comes with a 102 cc engine.
  • The bike is capable of producing 7.79bhp power and 8.3Nm of torque.
  • One of the best specialities is the 77kmpl mileage.
  • One can acquire this bike at Rs 50, 592.
  1. TVS Sport

If you want to go for higher cc of an engine, TVS Sport offers you that. After the BS6 update, TVS Sport came with higher cc of an engine which provides better performance with fuel efficiency. All the necessary features are available with the bike as it is considered an entry-level commuter. The service cost also doesn’t create much stress in you. The bike gets drum brakes at the two ends which are equipped with a combined braking mechanism from TVS to offer more secure braking performance.

  • TVS Sport is built with a 109.7 cc engine.
  • It churns out a peak power of 8.18bhp with 8.7Nm of max torque.
  • The bike delivers a 75kmpl of mileage.
  • The price point starts at Rs 54, 850.
  1. Hero Splendor Plus

Another most popular bike in India in this segment is the Hero Splendor Plus which has been appreciated by many over the years. This is probably the only bike that lasts over a decade and comes with a replacement of another Splendor. This can prove to be a highly efficient bike for you. One can run this bike for over the long years because you need the least maintenance.

  • It is powered by a 97.2 cc single-cylinder engine.
  • It can deliver a max power of 7.91bhp and max torque of 8.05Nm.
  • The mileage is decent that is 65kmpl.
  • Splendor Plus is available at Rs 60, 960.
  1. TVS Star City Plus

Here is another from TVS in our list of lowest price bikes in India. It adds a few extra features. The overall design is decent. The bike comes with an eco and power light which tells the rider about the saving mileage. There is a service reminder light and engine check light. It comes with a semi-digital instrument cluster, speedometer, odometer, and a digital display for fuel measurement.

  • TVS Star City Plus comes with a 109.7 cc engine.
  • It churns out 8.08bhp of power with 8.7Nm of torque.
  • One can ride up to 71kmpl with 1 litre of petrol.
  • It comes for Rs 63, 995.
  1. Hero Passion Pro

If you need a bike that is quite stylish and best for overall performance, then Passion Pro is your go-to choice. Well-known for its features, Passion Pro falls under the category of daily commuters. To get a good riding performance, you can go for this excellent option. Some awesome features like a semi-digital instrument cluster or speedometer and an advanced digital display for fuel measurement, odometer, and the trip meter will attract your attention.

  • 2 cc engine is at the heart of this bike.
  • It can generate a max power of 9.02bhp and max torque of 9.89Nm.
  • 1 litre of petrol can give you 60kmpl of mileage.
  • Passion Pro comes at Rs 66, 500.
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It is recommended to check the most current price because the company updates it from time to time. So, which is the cheapest bike in India? It is clear that the Bajaj CT 100 wins here. Now, it depends on your requirements and the features the bike is providing. One needs to buy a bike that doesn’t create many hazards in the future. A buyer should consider the maintenance cost as well.

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