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Cheapest Hybrid Cars

Top 10 Cheapest Hybrid Cars in India 2023


The government hopes to make India a 100 percent electric vehicle nation by 2030. This transition to electric mobility has been undertaken by all of the country’s established car titans and a handful of new-age startup firms. Still, the cheapest hybrid cars in India have a long way to go before they can fully transition to battery-powered vehicles.

Hybrid cars are driven forward by internal combustion engines and an electric motor. The three types of hybrids are full hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and mild hybrids. These can send power to the wheels using either electric or combustion engines.

Hybrid vehicles are the best way to enjoy solar energy while still having the dependability of a traditional internal combustion engine. As a result, we have produced a list of the cheapest hybrid cars in India from which you may choose your next vehicle.

Toyota Camry

Toyota has been manufacturing the Camry for more than 38 years. The Camry is probably the most well-known Toyota sedan in the world after the Corolla.

The Camry is to Toyota what the Accord is to Honda, and both have followed a similar route in India. The Camry, like the Accord, began life in India as an Executive Sedan with a big N/A gasoline engine before evolving into a hybrid car.

The current Toyota Camry Hybrid is powered by a 2487cc 4-cylinder gasoline engine combined with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous electric motor, delivering 218 horsepower and 221 Nm of torque.

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The Toyota Camry has priced at Rs 39.02 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi in India. If you’re looking for an executive sedan but don’t mind preceding a German brand, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the most reliable car on the market.

Toyota Prius

A list of hybrid cars would be incomplete without mentioning the world’s most popular hybrid vehicle. When people think about hybrid cars, the Prius is likely to be the first thing that springs to mind. It has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, making it the world’s best-selling hybrid car.

Toyota’s Prius has been on the market in India for some time, but the firm has yet to replicate its success there. When it was released in India in 2010, the strange look, futuristic technology, and excessive pricing made little sense to the Indian vehicle client.

The 122-horsepower Prius, which costs 45.09 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi, is unlikely to appeal to an Indian car buyer. Nonetheless, the Prius deserves to be included because of its widespread appeal.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

The recently unveiled Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is now the second cheapest hybrid car in India. The midsize SUV based on the Maruti Suzuki chassis will be available in India soon with two engines, one of which will be a 1.5-litre Maruti Suzuki gasoline engine.

The alternate engine will be a 1.5-litre unit mated with a hybrid system, producing 114 horsepower with the help of an eCVT transmission. The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder will be available with all-wheel drive and can function in pure EV mode. However, further details will be available once the SUV is marketed in India.

Maruti Suzuki’s line-up of SHVS cars

Maruti’s sophisticated SHVS hybrid technology has been around for a long time. It enhances fuel economy and driving performance. It captures braking energy and stores it in a lithium-ion battery as part of a dual battery system. This stored energy is used to help the idle start/stop and torque assist capabilities of the vehicle.

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SHVS innovative hybrid technology is found in Maruti vehicles such as the Ciaz, S-Cross, Ertiga, Baleno, XL6, and Vitara Brezza.

Toyota Glanza

The rebranded Maruti Suzuki Baleno also has a mild hybrid system. Toyota is wise not to discard the technology since the rebadged model will also access the clever hybrid system.

Toyota supplies innovative hybrid technology solely in the Toyota Glanza ‘G’ version. The Toyota Glanza’s ‘G’ variant costs Rs. 7.64 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi.

MG Hector

The MG Hector is India’s first 48V hybrid SUV. The MG Hector is clever within the cabin and beneath the skin. The MG Hector hybrid petrol version is powered by a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine producing 143 horsepower and 250 Newton-meters of torque. This drivetrain employs 48V mild hybrid technology.

The hybrid technology adds 20Nm of torque and helps the engine start/stop at idle speeds. The system also offers regenerative braking.

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra has its clever hybrid system, similar to the mild hybrid systems seen in Maruti automobiles and the MG Hector. This feature is standard on the Scorpio and is known as “Intelli-Hybrid.” The technology improves driving performance by adding an idle start/stop capability and regenerative braking to the powertrain.

The Mahindra Scorpio has priced ex-showroom at Rs. 12.42 Lakh to Rs.16.02 Lakh.

Honda City e:HEV

The Honda City e:HEV was just launched in India for Rs 19,49,000 ex-showroom Delhi. The City e:1.5-liter HEV’s Atkinson cycle gasoline engine and 172.8-volt lithium-ion battery pack produce a combined 124 horsepower and 253 Newton-meters of torque via a CVT gearbox.

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One electric motor powers the car in pure EV mode at low speeds, while the other serves as a generator to replenish the battery pack while running. Thanks to internal computers, the car switches between electric and hybrid power without requiring human involvement. Honda claims a 26.5 km/l fuel efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hybrid is the foundation for the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara. Like its sibling Toyota, Maruti is providing two engine options, one of which will be a hybrid system.

The hybrid engine in the Grand Vitara will be identical to that in the Hyryder; however, the eCVT gearbox and AWD system may be dropped to save money, or Maruti may use components from Suzuki’s global range. The Grand Vitara is available for reservation at Nexa dealerships, with prices expected to start at Rs 9 lakh; however, the full hybrid variant may cost up to Rs 15 lakh.

Lexus ES 300h

The Lexus ES 300h, which costs Rs 59.50 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi, is the most costly hybrid on this list of cheapest hybrid cars in India. The Lexus ES 300h is powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine linked to a 1.6 kWh Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack, producing a total of 214 horsepower and 220 Newton-meters of torque.

The car runs in pure electric mode but transforms to a hybrid of ICE and EV power at higher speeds, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.9 seconds and achieve 22.5 km. The car has all the bells and whistles of a luxury car, such as excellent leather upholstery, a touchscreen entertainment system, and ten airbags for passenger protection.

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