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Cheapest Luxury Cars

The 10 Cheapest Luxury Cars in India 2023


In India, luxury car prices have increased drastically. Configuration, style, performance, and comfort features govern the quality of luxury cars. The first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of luxury is a huge loss, but we want luxury cars that are cheap and affordable. Nowadays, Luxury car manufacturers are continuously working on including new features on their products and maintaining their reasonable prices. So, in this article, we will discuss the ten most affordable luxury cars in India.

BMW 5 series:

BMW 5 series is one of the cheap luxury cars in India. It has premium executive sedan space when it comes to diving pleasure. It cost around Rs 37.90 lakhs. BMW 5 series are available in both petrol and diesel. The petrol engine is 1998cc while the diesel engine is 1995cc and 2993cc. BMW 5 Series offers a mileage of 14.82 to 20.37 km/l; also, it is a 5-seater 6-cylinder car.

Jaguar XE:

Jaguar XE also gives competition to other cheapest luxury cars in India. It comes with a 2.0-liter petrol engine which produced 250 PS power and 365 Nm, and as for engine diesel and petrol, both are available. In India, it comes around between Rs 46.64 lakhs to Rs. 48.50 lakhs. Jaguar XE is a 5-seater sedan with 5 cylinders. It offers a 1997cc engine with a mileage of 12.66 km/l.

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Volvo XC40:

Volvo XC40 is recently available in India. Volvo’s D4 diesel engine powers this luxury crossover SUV. In India, Volvo offers the most affordable SUV at a price that starts at Rs. 41.25 Lakhs. Volvo XC40 provides a 1969cc petrol engine with 7- speed automatic dual-clutch and a spacious cabin with sophisticated features. Volvo XC40 is a 5-seater 4-cylinder car with 460 liters of boot space. It is available with automatic transmission.

Audi Q2:

Though Audi cars are expensive ones. But can achieve Audi Q2 with affordable prices starting from Rs. 34.99 lakhs. Its engine produced 190PS power with 320Nm of torque. Audi Q2 has 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, the Q2 drives on all four wheels. Audi Q2 is one of the most affordable luxury cars in India. It offers a petrol engine which is 1984cc and has a mileage of 6.5 km/lThis is a 5-seater 4-cylinder car and has 335 liters of boot space.

Mercedes Benz A-Class Limousine:

Mercedes is a dream car for luxury car lovers; it is everyone’s desire. Mercedes are considered as expensive as luxury because of its style and performance. However, in India, Mercedes has bought a Mercedes Benz A-Class Limousine car, which is as affordable as comfortable. Its starting price is around Rs.39.90 Lakhs. This car offers 1 Diesel Engine and 1 Petrol Engine. The Diesel engine is 1950 cc, and the Petrol engine is1332 cc and has a mileage of 17.5 to 21.0 km/l. It also has Automatic transmission and 341 boot space. It is 5 seaters 4-cylinder car.

Skoda Octavia:

The latest Skoda Octavia is one of the cheapest luxury cars in India. The new Skoda Octavia is as sleek as bold with superb mileage of 15. 1 km/l. Also, it has a 1984 cc engine; Skoda Octavia prices start at Rs.32.85. Skoda Octavia is available with automatic transmission, 600 liters boot space, and it is a 5-seater 4-cylinder car. Skoda Octavia offers a comfortable seating arrangement, it also has quite a safety feature.

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Jaguar XF:

Jaguar introduced its latest model Jaguar XF which also can include in the list of cheapest luxury cars in India. Jaguar XF is 5 seater sedan with 13.1 – 19.3 km/l. Also, this new model has 2.0 l pure diesel content. Its prices start at 49.58 lakhs. Jaguar XF has 1999cc and 340Nm torque. Once you step inside, you find it as comfortable as a spacious space that packs a slew of tech, including a 12.3- inch fully TFT instrument cluster. Jaguar XF is available with automatic transmission, 4481 liters of boot space, and a 5-seater sedan 4-cylinder car.

BMW 2 Series gran coupe:

BMW 2 series gran coupe is India’s best cheap luxury car in India. Almost all the cars of German manufacturer has a high price tag. However, BMW 2 series gran coupe can be yours through dedicated work specifically customized for the Indian marketplace. This car comes in both petrol and diesel engine; also, it has a spacious cabin with pleasurable dynamics, which is a typical quality of every BMW. It has a starting price of Rs.39.95 lakhs. BMW 2 Series gran coupe is available in both petrol and diesel engine. The petrol engine is 1998cc, and the diesel engine is 1995cc. Also, it offers automatic transmission. BMW 2 Series gran coupe is a 5-seater sedan with 4 cylinder car and has a mileage of 18.64 km/l.

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