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Top 10 Cheapest Sports Cars in India

Top 10 Cheapest Sports Cars in India with Price & Specification


Top 10 Cheapest Sports Cars in India: We have the opportunity to witness some of the industry’s biggest brands enter the country and thrive as a result of how quickly the Indian auto industry is developing. As the demand for sports vehicles grows in India, well-known international automakers enter the market every year. Exotic sports cars from luxury car manufacturers like Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and others are now available in the nation.

The cost of a sports car, though, is high. It’s crucial that you compare several models based on their appearance, cost, comfort, and functionality. So, in order to assist you in finding the greatest sports car in India, we have produced a list.

  • Mini Cooper S – Rs. 38 Lakh

The 1959-year-old Mini Cooper has grown to be such a recognized automobile and brand in its own right. Over the years, it has triumphed in numerous motorsport competitions, notably the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965, and 1967.

On a narrow, winding road, the Mini Cooper S is a thrilling vehicle to drive and is capable of keeping up with supercars.

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 38 Lakh

● Engine CC: 1998

● Top speed: 230 kmph

  • Skoda Octavia vRS – Rs. 26 Lakh

The Skoda Octavia vRS has been a favourite with Indian car lovers ever since it was released in 2017.

350 Nm of torque is also very good between 1500 and 4500 rpm. The numbers are alluring. Additionally, this engine has the ability to be flash-tuned quickly to produce more than 300 PS.

It merely needs an intercooler, an intake, a free-flowing exhaust, and an ECU flash.

Skoda, though, has given it considerable attention and has incorporated a limited-slip differential. As a result, it is the quickest, safest, and least expensive luxury car in India.

● Ex-showroom price -Rs. 26 Lakh

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● Engine CC: 1984

● Top speed: 250 kmph

  • BMW M2 Competition – Rs. 85 Lakh

An additional BMW model driving a BMW in the best class has the most fun. Although BMW does not assert this, the majority of reviewers from reliable publications do. The previous-generation M2 had a lovely exhaust tone and was enjoyable to drive.

On the other hand, the BMW M2 Competition uses the M3 and M4’s engines. For M2 racing, this engine has undergone a modest detuning. It produces 510 Nm of torque and 410 PS of power. The agility of this vehicle, though, is its best feature. The M2 Competition is a fantastic choice if you want your daily car lover to intimidate supercars on the weekends.

This sports car performs well in Indian driving circumstances. Just stay away from the back seats, which are generally intended for children.

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 85 Lakh

● Engine CC: 2979

● Top speed: 250 kmph

  • Ford Mustang – Rs. 75 Lakh

The Ford Mustang is one of the icons of America. 50 years ago, when the first Mustang was introduced, it instantly became the emblem of the pastime. Even today, the Ford Mustang is a great vehicle.

The power is transferred to the rear wheels using a six-speed automatic transmission. If you want a true American muscle car in India, there is just the Mustang to choose from. The driving experience of a Mustang is unmatched by any other car in the segment, either below or above it. It shouldn’t be surprising that many owners of supercars also enjoy Mustangs.

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 75 Lakh

● Engine CC: 4951

● Top speed: 245 kmph

  • Mercedes AMG SLC 43 – Rs. 83 Lakh

A few years ago, the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG was the perfect roadster. This AMG SLC 43 took its place as its replacement in 2016. A 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 likewise replaced the grumbling V8 engine. This does not, however, mean a slower pace. The Mercedes AMG SLC 43 generates 520 Newton metres of torque and 367 horsepower, which is 53 horsepower less than the SLK 55 AMG (20 Nm less than SLK).

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 83 Lakh

● Engine CC: 2996

● Top speed: 250 kmph

  • Mercedes-Benz C 43 AMG – Rs. 70 Lakh

It’s hard to resist the appeal of a sporty sedan. The coupe design of the Mercedes C43 AMG, on the other hand, gives it a spicier appearance. On the other hand, other motorists can mistake the C63 AMG for a standard C-class with a body package. Unless you simply pressed the accelerator and fled, leaving everyone to wonder what happened.

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The C63 AMG and C43 AMG have a price difference of almost Rs 70 lakhs. Take into account that two C43 AMGs would cost the same as one C63 AMG. Neither is the Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG. A 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 engine producing 390 PS and 520 Nm of torque powers it. The time from 0-100 kph is only 4.7 seconds.

This kind of performance would even impress an experienced car lover. Just 20 years ago, supercars of the highest calibre could only reach such performance levels. It might outperform a Ferrari 360 Modena, for instance.

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 70 Lakh

● Engine CC: 2996

● Top speed: 250 kmph

  • BMW Z4 M40i

Price: Rs. 82.85 Lakhs

Roadsters are very popular among car enthusiasts, and if you’re thinking of a roadster, the BMW Z4 M40i will undoubtedly spring to mind. The BMW Z4 M40i is one of the greatest affordable sports cars in India since it isn’t too fast for Indian roads and is speed trap friendly.

● Engine: 2998cc

● Mileage: 11.29 km ARAI

  • Porsche 718 – Rs. 90 Lakh

There are two body styles for the Porsche 718: the Cayman (standard hardtop) and the Boxster (Convertible). The only decision to be made is between open-top driving and Cayman’s sloping profile. If you like convertibles, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Porsche 718 made our list of the best convertibles in India.

A true two-seat sports car, this one. Even seasoned car lovers will find it interesting because it is light and quick enough. The Porsche 718’s selling features are the chassis and how well it handles. Some assert that it would outrun its larger sibling, the Porsche 911 if it had more power.

A 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with 300 PS and 380 Nm of torque powers it. The time from 0-100 kph is merely 4.9 seconds. One of the quickest and least expensive sports cars in India is a wonderful option.

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 90 Lakh

● Engine CC: 2000

● Top speed: 275 kmph

  • Audi S5 – Rs. 80 Lakh

Have the same spending limit as the BMW M2, but want additional features in the most affordable sports cars in India? The Audi S5 Sport back has granted your wish. It is actually faster than the BMW M2, if not faster. However, it is also more comfortable.

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In about 4.7 seconds, the acceleration from 0 to 100 kph is complete. Most individuals will concur that the S5 Sport back looks better and is more expensive when compared to the M2 Competition. The M2 Comp is the vehicle to choose if long drifting bends and enjoyable driving are your things.

The S5 Sport back, on the other hand, combines the performance of a sports vehicle with the comfort and convenience of a conventional Audi A4. Additionally, it is safer to drive because of its all-wheel-drive Quattro drivetrain.

● Ex-showroom price – Rs. 80 Lakh

● Engine CC: 2994

● Top speed: 250 kmph

  • BMW 330i – 60 lakh

The 330i is a model that is intended to elevate driving to unprecedented heights, and the 3 Series from BMW is undoubtedly their greatest option in terms of performance. The 2.0L 4-Cylinder Turbo-Petrol engine in the 330i Sport and 330i M Sport generates 258Ps of power and 400Nm of torque. A 3.0L Straight-Six Turbo-petrol engine that produces 500Nm of torque and 387PS powers the M340i xDrive. The 2.0L 4-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel engine in the 320d Luxury Edition produces 190Ps of power and 400Nm of torque. All available engine options are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission in the transmission area.

The M340i is the only variation with All-Wheel Drive; all other models have Rear-Wheel Drive. A 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, a 12.3-inch digital car lovers display, wireless charging, ambient lighting, 3-zone climate control, and a sunroof are just a few of the modern technologies BMW has incorporated within the 3 Series. The BMW 3 Series comes equipped with a number of safety features, such as ABS with Brake Assist, six airbags, ISOFIX child seat anchors, a tyre pressure monitoring system, seatbelt warning, door-ajar alerts, and collision alerts.


A couple might take pride in experiencing the thrill of driving down a deserted street with the top down, and the motors revved up. Who doesn’t dream of feeling the rush of excitement as a car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in less than 5 seconds? The list generated above is for all automobile enthusiasts who want to research the cheapest sports car pricing in India because it enables them to obtain a realistic sense of the cost of their preferred sports vehicles.

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