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Different Types of Cars in India

Different Types of Cars in India: Car Body Styles Explained


Cars and car types

You will find a huge number of different types of cars like hatchbacks, SUVs etc. We’ll come to know about all these details later on in this article.

A car is something almost every one of us dreams about. Every person who wants to be successful one day and to offer comfort and happiness to himself or herself and the family dreams about having a car. It offers us comfort, luxury and many other things. If you are a citizen of India, it will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Benefits of having a car

A car is always beneficial and a great investment.

You can travel anywhere in your car and you don’t have to depend on others. Also, you have the opportunity to go to any part of the country whenever you want. Also you can take your pets along. You’ll have the comfort and the safety from the crowd of public transport, especially in this pandemic. You don’t have to rely on others in terms of deciding the routes etc.

Once you have your own car, it’ll really help you during an emergency. As relying on public services during emergency times may snatch precious time and you may face some serious consequences of that.

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Evolution of automobile industry in India

At present, India is one of the biggest markets of cars in terms of both sales and the value of products.

And it all started in 1897 when the first vehicle came on the road in India. But till the 1930s, there were no automobile production industries in India. From the 1940s Hindustan Motors, Premier started their production in India. Later on, in the same decade, Mahindra came on. Between 1950-1960, the production slowed down. But after the 1960s Hindustan Motors became the undisputed king of the market. And in the 1980s a new competitor came into the market and almost took over it. The company was Maruti Udyog Limited.

Slowly from 1990 to 2000, foreign companies started to come to India. Till 2019 companies like Hyundai and Honda expanded their production and business in India.

Over the years the automobile industry went through many ups and downs. And now almost every big car brand is present in India while Chennai, Mumbai and Pune are the leading producers among the cities.

Types of cars in India

There are many types of cars in India. And if you are thinking about buying a car you must know every small thing about it and research about it well. Like which model best suits your needs, which model will best fit in your budget, which will give you the most mileage or best experiences.

There are many car types, you will find in India and glimpses of different types of cars are below.


Hatchbacks are one of the most popular car body types in India, be it in terms of sales or affordability.

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It is a midsize car with four doors. Along with these four, the model also consists of a hatch door in the back that opens upward to access the boot space. The best part is this boot space is not detached from the rest of the car and if you open the hatch door it’ll also open the car creating more space.

Easily 4 to 5 people can adjust inside comfortably. The size of the car is about four meters and also offers you very good fuel economy. The car is best suited for intercity travel. The affordable price range makes the model more popular.

Maruti Suzuki Alto, Hyundai i20 are some of the best models in Hatchbacks.


The name came from the Latin term “sedere” which means “to sit”. The longer and larger body makes it most comfortable for the passengers in both the front and the rear.

The model is loaded with many cool features and so is costly even more than some SUVs.

Hyundai Verna, Honda City are some of the best choices in Sedan.

SUVs and MUVs:

SUVs are sports utility vehicles. This model is for both family and off-roaders. The car is generally larger than 4-meter marks with some exceptions and has a tall bodyline. 7 people can comfortably travel by this. And the body is tough enough to adjust in rough conditions or to take heavy loads.

Whereas MUVs or Multi-utility vehicles are built for multi-purposes and are slightly bigger than SUVs. This has seating arrangements for about ten people and is designed to transport for long distances. The cars are strong enough to carry extra passengers and extra loads and also capable of facing tough situations. This also provides great fuel efficiency.

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Tata Harrier, Toyota Fortuner are among the best in SUVs whereas Renault Triber, Mahindra Marrazzo are some of the best choices in MUVs.


Coupes have more of a sports car look and also performance like that. The model has only two doors, a fixed roof, and a sleeker roofline. But nowadays, coupes with four doors are also available in the market. The car is very fast and gives high performance. This has a large engine to perform like that. If you need a car like a sports car, a coupe is the best model for you.

BMW M2, Mercedes CLS are popular among Coupes.


When it comes to the design of your car what can beat a convertible. It has a foldable or removable roof which will allow you to get the essence of the environment and also brings some freshness. The roof will also save you when the weather is bad. The model generally has two doors and consists of some amazing features. The model is a little bit costly but if you are fond of stylish cars it’s perfect to choose.

BMW Z4, Mini Cooper etc. are most popular among Convertibles.

There are some other models also available. But the most commons are mentioned above

Summing up

You got to know about the car types and their features available in the market. Now choose the best for you and choose smartly.

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