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Electric Car Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car


Electric Car Buying Guide: We can definitely utter that the world is going to be more prosperous with technology. Within a few decades, the world has seen a tremendous change in the technology sector. Can you imagine a day where you can’t think of an internet or mobile phone? It was impossible to think of an electric car running on the road. Now, everything has been possible with the blessing of cutting-edge technology.

The whole world is shouting about climate change, pollution, and an electric car, which is one of the best options to keep our environment pollution-free. With clean air, we can breathe properly. Everywhere will be a green environment which is the proper setup for living a healthy and pollution-free life. The electric car has a huge role to play to make an environment-friendly space. Some of the countries have already started to release it on the road, including India. According to statistics, by 2025, buying electric cars will increase 30%.

India is a developing country where electric cars are getting attention from the people. The country saw its first electric car in 2010. A decade has transformed its market. Now People are going to buy an electric car. To buy this car, some of the points one should consider. Otherwise, they might make a mistake choosing. Don’t worry, this is why I am here. This article on the electric car buying guide will help you to make an informed decision.

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Buying an electric car is not an easy task. Buyers always get confused with the EV thing. This guide clears all your confusion.

Types of cars

Four types of electric cars are available in the market – fully electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric. There is no need for external charging to a hybrid electric car. The fuel cell car is still at the preliminary stage.  

Fully-electric or hybrid

When choosing an electric car, you should consider which to buy. Is it fully electric or hybrid? Hybrid cars are more efficient and reliable than fully electric cars. It generates fewer emissions than a conventional car. The battery of a fully electric vehicle will die earlier than a hybrid vehicle. As the hybrid car doesn’t require any external charging, people are more likely to buy it.


Though electric cars are eco-friendly, it comes with a high price. You have to make your pocket heavy before buying it. Even the cheapest electric car comes at 6 lakh. So, you should consider the budget before buying an electric car. If it is essential for you, then you should also consider its mileage and other services so that you get the best option.

Battery life

Replacing the battery of an electric car is expensive. This is one of the most significant points to mention. Now, you may think of how many times you have to change its battery. Manufacturers claim that an electric vehicle’s battery life is more than 50,000 miles, but it doesn’t serve that much. Within a few days, you start to realize the degradation of the battery. As your car gets older, it loses its battery power over time. So, checking the battery life can give you a better perspective of which to choose and how to maintain it. If you have a great battery, you have to bear less maintenance cost.

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Hardware and software

The car manufacturers are always focused on improving the car’s performance. So, the system is becoming more complex. With advanced technology, electric cars are being updated every day. If your car gets regular updates, then it’s fine. Some companies offer free updates. Some take fees also. Make sure you upgrade your software or hardware regularly. Otherwise, your car can face dangers. You can also buy the manual provided by the company.  

Additional costs

You even can’t imagine how the additional costs will come. Keep in mind that there are four basic expenses – purchase price, insurance, gas, and maintenance. There are other expenses also. Charging station price, installation, maintenance, electric bills, and battery replacement are some of the other considerations when buying an electric car. So, do your maths before buying it.

Can insurance

The insurance of an electric car is more expensive than a conventional car. Due to the higher price of an EV, insurance also comes costly. If the value of the car is higher, then the cost of the insurance will higher also.

Tax benefits

The government’s tax benefits can give you a huge amount of reduction in the overall cost of an electric car. Make sure to check the percentage of tax benefits while buying an electric car. It can be lucrative as it saves huge money; it changes according to the times.

Maintenance cost

This is one of the most important aspects while buying an electric car. If you do not care about maintenance, your dream car is not going to perform well. Its parts are very expensive and sophisticated as compared to petrol/diesel cars. As it is made with complex technology, many certified professionals get confused while repairing it. In case of a breakdown, you have to bear a huge amount. Until you go to the manufacturer, it isn’t easy to handle all the repairs on your own. So, calculating the maintenance cost before buying an electric car is a wise decision.

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Driving change

This is yet another vital point to keep in mind. Depending on the manufacturer’s words can be a little stupid. You should always check for reviews about the driving range. Generally, an electric car gives you 100km of daily service. The high-end cars give 400km. As if there are no so many charging stations out there, it is recommended not to take a long tour with an electric car.

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