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Highest Ground Clearance Cars

Top 14 Highest Ground Clearance Cars in India 2023


Highest Ground Clearance Cars: In India, roads are bumpy; that’s why high ground clearance cars are a prime need that can provide a comfortable and smooth ride. That quality also depends on their features and specifications. This article will illuminate us on the highest ground clearance car in India.

Some Best Ground Clearance Cars in India

Tata Tiago:

Tata Tiago is one of India’s best ground clearance cars. All requirements like its mileage, features, exterior, interior and price tag are within the budget for Indian buyers. Tata Tiago offers a ground clearance of 170mm powered by an 1199 cc engine with26.49 km/l mileage. Its price starts at Rs.5.2 lakhs onwards. Tata Tiago is a 5- seater family car capable enough to tackle Indian bumpy roads and speed breakers.

Maruti Suzuki S- Presso:

Maruti Suzuki S- Presso is the highest ground clearance car which makes driving easy on uneven roads, speed breakers, and potholes conditions. It offers a ground clearance of 185mm and is powered by a cc engine. Maruti Suzuki S- Presso price is starting at Rs. 3.70 lakh to 5.18 lakh.

Renault Kwid:

Renault Kwid is one of the best entry-level hatchbacks that give competition amongst cars. Renault introduced the Renault Kwid, a high-ground clearance car with a ground clearance of 184mm. Its price starts from RS.2.75 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh. Renault Kwid provides a 0.8 liter and 1-liter engine with automatic transmission choices.

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Honda WR- V:

Honda WR- V is a very impressive high clearance car in India. It drives very easily on Indian rough roads. Honda WR- V comes in both 1.5 liters petrol and 1.2 liters diesel engines with the mileage of 16.5 km/l and 23.7 km/l. It provides manual transmission and ground clearance of 188 mm. Honda WR- V costs around Rs.5.55 lakh to Rs.11.05 lakh.

Ford Freestyle:

Ford Freestyle is also a high ground clearance car in India. It comes in both a 1.5 liters petrol engine and 1.2 liters diesel engine with a mileage of 18.5 km/l and 23.8 km/l. Ford Freestyle provides manual transmission and ground clearance of 189 mm. Its price starts at Rs.5.99 lakh to Rs.8.84 lakh.

Hyundai Venue:

Hyundai Venue is one of India’s best features of high clearance cars that is much more efficient on rough roads and goes through speed breakers with a ground clearance of 190 mm. It provides in both 1.2 liters petrol engine and 1.5liters diesel engine and 1.0 liters turbo- petrol. The mileage is between 17.52 km/l to 23.70 km/l. Hyundai Venue provides both automatic and manual transmission. Hyundai Venue costs around between Rs.6.86 lakh to Rs.11.66 lakh.

Renault Duster:

The Renault Duster is India’s most powerful high-ground clearance car. It has a ground clearance of 205 mm. Renault Duster comes in both 1 diesel and 2 petrol with 1461cc diesel engine and 1498 cc and 1330 cc petrol engines, giving 13.9 km/l mileage; it also has an automatic transmission. The Renault Duster

The price range starts from Rs.9.86 lakh to Rs. 14.25 lakh.

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Isuzu D- Max V:

Isuzu D- Max V provides a large ground clearance of 225 mm. Its

features make it much easy drives on Indian roads. Isuzu D- Max V has a highly capable 4*4 system and a powerful 2.5 liters turbo diesel engine with 13.8 km/l that provides automatic transmission. Its price range starts at Rs.27.34 lakh and Rs.29.31 lakh.

Mahindra Scorpio:

Mahindra Scorpio is a high ground clearance car ground clearance of 225 mm with a 2719 cc diesel engine. Mahindra Scorpio is a common choice for Indian car buyers because of its rugged looks and powerful engine. Also, it’s not that expensive for others. This SUV offers 1 diesel engine with 17.0 km/l mileage. Mahindra Scorpio’s prices start at Rs.1813.53 lakh.

Jeep Compass Trailhawk:

Jeep Compass Trailhawk is also the highest ground clearance car in India, with a high ground clearance of 205 mm. Its high ground clearance ensures easy driving on the roads. This SUV provides a 2.0 diesel engine and automatic transmission. Has mileage of 16.3km/l. Jeep Compass Trailhawk’s starting prices are Rs.26.80 lakh to Rs.27.60 lakh.

Tata Nexon:

Tata Nixon is a high ground clearance compact SUV that provides different ungraded features within a budget; its starting price is 7.09 lakh up to 12.79 lakh. Tata Nexon is a very efficient ground clearance car with a ground clearance of 209 mm. Also, it has a 1.5 liters diesel engine and a 1.2 liters petrol engine with 17.0km/l to 21.5 km/l. Tata Nexon prices start from Rs.7.09 lakh to Rs.12.79 lakh.

Kia Sonet:

Kia Sonet received huge success in the Indian market for its various advanced features that are very effective on bumpy, uneven rough Indian roads. This SUV offers a ground clearance of 211 mm with automatic and manual transmission. Kia Sonet provides a 1.5 liters engine and 1.2 liters petrol with a mileage of 18.2 km/l to 24.1 km/l. Kia Sonet’s prices started from 6.79 lakh to 13.19 lakh.

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Toyota Fortuner:

Toyota Fortuner is also counted in India’s highest ground clearance cars list. This SUV has A huge capability to get on muddy, uneven, rocky roads and great looks, making it different from other cars. Toyota Fortuner comes in both 2.8 liters diesel engine and a 2.7 petrol engine with a mileage of 10.01 km/l to 14.22 km/l. Toyota Fortuner has a ground clearance of 220 mm. But Toyota Fortuner is quite expensive, its starting price is Rs.29.98 lakh to Rs. 37.58 lakh.

Mahindra Thar:

Mahindra Thar is also the best ground clearance car in India, with a ground clearance of 226mm. This SUV has several specific sophisticated safety features with a bold look. Mahindra Thar comes in both a 2.2 liters diesel engine and a 2-petrol engine with a mileage of 13 km/l to15.2 km/l. Its starting price is Rs.12.79 lakh to Rs.15.09 lakh.

Conclusion: The ground clearance gives the protection and stability with the comfort of the lower body of a car from many obstacles like muddy, rocky, uneven roads, potholes, and speed breakers. Ground clearance is also known as ‘ride height.” The car discussed above is quite profitable for ground clearance car buyers in India.


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