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Honda Motor Company

Honda Motor Company – The Tomorrow’s Leader/The Power of Dreams


It is difficult, or in fact, impossible to last if you don’t mold yourself with the future’s demands. Specifically, a business grows because of its vision. If it is jointly working towards making a better future, then it grows. Otherwise, the company is in a staggering position. Here is one such company, Honda Motor Company. They not only think about the present situation but are far away from the present in 2088.  Can you imagine what the future of cars will be? It would be difficult to find such a company who is thinking about such a year. This is what makes Honda Motor Company different from other brands. A different vision is necessary for economic growth.

If you are thinking about a smarter and mobile world where the pollution will be less, take Honda Motor Company into account. In order to address greenhouse gas emissions, the brand is engaged to cut half of its CO2 emissions by 2050. To give a pollution-free environment, the brand is trying to create cars that are time-worthy. As the electric car is the only option for sustainable growth and a pollution-free environment, Honda Motor Company is now focusing on making electric vehicles. Their vision of lowering the CO2 emission is much stronger for future growth.

Honda Motor Company

As we all know that Honda Motor Company is a Japanese multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, they are the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world as of 2015. In this article, we will share the origin and evolution of this company.

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Honda Motor Company first incorporated its business in 1949 with the production of “Dream”. This was the first complete motorcycle from Honda. Though the founder, Soichiro Honda had been working for a long time on developing his own automobile, finally, it came into reality with the collaboration between Honda and Fujisawa. Within a very short period of time, they got a huge response from the domestic space as well as the international space. In 1959, they entered the USA market after opening their first subsidiary manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. In less than a decade, they sold millions of motorcycles in the USA market. With state-of-the-art design and engineering, those motorcycles became very popular worldwide. Their time took a peak.


The introduction of CB750 in 1969 changed the definition of riding motorcycles. It was powered by a 4-cylinder engine. With the sophistication in its design and comfortable riding experience, the CB750 Changed everything then. It was named the Motorcycle of the Century in 2012. However, it was just the beginning of their evolution. They produced the first-ever Honda N600 car and it was sold in America. With the innovation of Minibike, the national youth was impressed. It was also an instant hit in 1969.

It was time to enter the production of marine engines. They produced the world’s first 4-stroke fuel-efficient outboard marine engine in 1973. It was cleaner, quieter, and more economical so it had to be a success. Their dream of a pollution-free environment is not the recent one but it originated in 1974. Their mission of “Blue Skies for Our Children” made them more attractive and attention-grabbing to the audience.

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Their first Accord might be a humble hatchback, but it was a big hit. This initial model was followed by an Accord Sedan in 1979. From its launch until today, Accord is the best-selling passenger car in America, with American car buyers purchasing over 12.5 million. This year marked a big milestone in commitment to supporting the communities where they worked and lived. The American Honda Foundation went on to award over $32 million to organizations in every state in the U.S.

Then the company introduced the lawnmower in 1984. Today, it has been chosen as the top-rated self-propelled, gas-powered lawn mower in America. They launched Acura, the first luxury car from Honda Motor Company in 1986. They were technologically so fast that there was nothing to stop. The design was so attractive that it got the attention of the supercar arena bandwagon. They finally produced NSX in 1990. With an all-aluminum monocoque body, NSX was an instant hit and is still admirable by the racer.

America saw the launch of Honda Insight in 1999, the most fuel-efficient non-plugin vehicle that had been a sensation for the next 17 years. Not only confined to automobile sectors but they forayed into designing robots in 2005. ASIMO was the first step to developing humanoid robots. The next year was the selection of Honda Civic and Ridgeline as the Truck of the Year. Honda R&D set up its third design studio in California in the same year for the production of Acura. It entered the Le Man’s series in 2007. The time of producing racing cars got a boost subsequently.

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Honda introduced a groundbreaking car, FCX Clarity in 2009. It was the first fuel cell vehicle from the brand with a new, and compact design. The car was also the world’s first fuel cell sedan capable of carrying 4 persons. With 20 million vehicles built in the USA, they celebrated their journey in 2014. The same year was the introduction of wind turbines that produced electricity for many US households. The new Acura NSX supercar was introduced in 2015. Subsequently, it was the year when Honda took off its flights. The last remarkable invention was the Smart Charge beta program to keep in mind the pollution-free environment.


If an electric vehicle or battery-powered car can save money and provide us with a carbon-free environment for the next gen, why not use it then? Their vision truly justifies their motto, “The Power of Dreams”. Though the company is a Japanese company, it has been very familiar with Indian households. The affordability and attractive designs are the most attention-grabbing features to buy the car. Being the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, they have reached a production of 400 million by 2019.

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