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Check Driving Licence Application Status Online

How to Check Driving Licence Application Status Online?


To be a responsible driver, one needs to acquire a driving licence. It works as your ID proof also. A driving licence proves that the person abides by the law. It is known to every one of us that if one doesn’t possess any driving licence but has a vehicle, she/he has to pay a fine. It is now easier to obtain a driver’s licence. You can apply online or offline also. After applying, one needs to check the status of the application but how? It is time-consuming to get a copy of the driving licence. This article will tell you how to check driving licence application status. You can check at your own space or go to the RTO office but going to the office has some demerits also. So, it is recommended you should check your application status online.

First, let me tell you some important things about the driving act in India.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 made it mandatory for everyone in India to hold a substantial driving licence before they can get behind the guiding wheel of a vehicle. Candidates need to apply for a learner’s licence first, clear the driving licence test, and then they will be able to apply for a permanent driving licence. In India, the legal driving age for non-geared vehicles is 16-years while, for geared vehicles, the age is 18-years. Anybody applying for a driving licence in India must be of legitimate age and present the related documentation to demonstrate their age either on the web or at the RTO.

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As it has been necessary to obtain a driver’s licence in India as soon as you cross 18, it is essential to apply for the application. Here’s how you can check your application status. Within just a few clicks, all the information will be in front of you. Let’s follow the steps below.

Through RTO Website

  1. Go to the Regional Transport Office website.
  2. Look for “Check the status of your driving licence”.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Enter all the necessary details like DOB, driving licence number, name of the stare etc.
  5. Click on “Submit”.

Through Parivahan Sewa Portal

You will find all the details in front of your eyes. You can choose another website, named Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Select the state you have applied to.
  3. As soon as you select the state, you will be prompted with a new page.
  4. Select the “Application Status” at the right corner of the page.
  5. Fill all the details like application number, date of birth and enter the Captcha code.
  6. When everything is complete, click on “Submit”.

All the details will be in front of you. Follow the step by step screenshots below.

  1. Click on this site –


  1. Select the states and you will be redirected to another page. Click on the “Application Status” at the right corner side of the page.

parivahan application

  1. Put the application number and date of birth along with entering the Captcha.

parivahan portal

  1. Click on “Submit”.

Kindly note that the RTO dispatches your driving license card generally after fourteen days from the time you have cleared your DL test. Thus, checking the details of your Indian driving permit online consistently isn’t recommended. In the most part of our country (India), requires a month for you to get the DL conveyed at your hand. Ensure you have somebody at home with a substantial ID verification to gather the DL for your sake in the event that you are nowhere to be found.

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By Visiting Nearest RTO Office:

One can also check driving licence application status by visiting their nearest RTO Office.

Some facts about driving licence status

The following points are some important consideration when you are applying for a driving licence.

  • It requires around 30 days from the hour of application to the delivery for a driving licence. There might be delays so it is advisable to continue checking and showing patience.
  • Now it’s easier to check the status of your application because the Indian Government alongside the RTOs makes it simpler to check the situation with the driving licence through their official website.
  • A Learner’s License is must before you can apply for a permanent Driving License. Without an LL, you won’t be even allowed to apply for the permanent DL regardless of the legal driving age.
  • All driving licenses accompany expiry dates and it is advisable to keep a check and renew the driving licence before it expires.
  • If your driving licence is torn, lost, or damaged anyhow, you can apply for a duplicate copy through the official portal.
  • You can also apply for an International Driving License and use it to drive in practically all nations.
  • One can renew her/his Permanent driving licence after 20 years from the issue or after you become at the age of 50. It takes only a day or a couple of weeks to get a new one.
  • Suppose you haven’t got the driving licence yet. What would you do? Please go to the official website and check the application status online.
  • Keep the application number always in your mind so that it is possible to check the status online whenever you want.
  • One must always present the right records and enter the correct details like name, DOB, and State while applying for a driving licence.
  • It takes at least 2-3 weeks for the delivery. So, you should sit tight two or three weeks prior to checking the driving licence status online.
  • You should print the details of the status check screen and save them for additional reference.
  • And finally, it is absolutely free of cost to check the application status online.
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As this process typically requires around fourteen days and the RTO encourages candidates to not check the status of their licenses during this time as no data will be made accessible on the web. After fourteen days, the RTO dispatches the licence and the data is transferred into the data set. Then, one can check the application status.

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