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Pollution Certificate

How to Get Pollution Certificate Online?


Pollution Certificate Online: At present time the earth is facing a lot of troubles due to pollution. An increasing number of cars are also a reason behind it. To control the pollution due to cars, the Government of India introduced a PUC certificate which ensures the emission from your vehicle is under control and is mandatory for every car or motorbike. And just like a registration certificate, driving license, PUC certificate is mandatory to keep while driving. But in this busy world, who has time to go to the respective offices for applying and all the long process. So, to solve that, you can get an online PUC certificate. In the following section, we’ll discuss about how to get PUC certificate online.

What is a PUC certificate?

A PUC certificate is necessary one to run the vehicle on Indian road. To control the pollution due to the cars and other motor vehicles, the Government of India introduced it, and it’s mandatory to have according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Unless you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1000 and 2000 for every subsequent offense. This is also important for the insurance of your car. You can also get an online PUC certificate.

How to get PUC certificate online

The process of getting an online PUC certificate is simple and easy. Initially, you can easily get a PUC certificate from the PUC centre near you. But you may be too busy to get the time for going to the respective places. To nullify the problem, the process is further simplified by making it online by the government. So you can get an online PUC certificate. This article can be a guide for you to pollution certificate online apply. And you will get to know every detail about how to get PUC certificate online.

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To get that you need to apply after scanning your vehicle’s pipe and then make the payment.

  1. You have to go to an authorized petrol pump and they will scan the pipe of your vehicle.
  2. Then you have to make the payment for the online PUC certificate.

You can also check the status of your application online.

  1. The government of India has introduced an online portal named “Parivahan Seva”, where you can check the status, vanity, etc.
  2. You have to visit the Parivahan Seva portal and go to the certificate section.
  3. Then you have to enter all the required credentials like registration number, vehicle’s chassis number, etc.
  4. Then you can easily view the required information and the status.

Pollution certificate download is also possible through this portal. What you all need to do is as mentioned below.

1 You have to go to the Parivahan Seva portal and click on the PUC section.

2 You have to enter to required credential and submit it for pollution certificate download.

4 If your certificate is ready, you can easily download and print it from the website itself.

These new portals made the job too easy and short for the people and saved a lot of time for all.

Things you need to know about PUC certificate

After knowing about the process involved in pollution certificate online apply, now you can easily apply or help others in their queries about how to get PUC certificate online and easily acquire an online PUC certificate.

While driving it’s not necessary to carry always a hard copy of the PUC certificate but you can also show a soft copy of the online PUC certificate. And the certificate is not for a lifetime. Validity is there for the certificate. The validity is for 1 year for any vehicle, be it a car or your motorbike. You need to renew it once the validity is over, through the same process as mentioned earlier. But not in all cases the validity is the same. The renewed certificates are valid for 6 months and the adverse reading during the scanning, the validity varies according to that.

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The cost you have to pay during the process of application to get an online PUC certificate is also minimal. It’s around Rs. 60 to Rs. 100. It depends on the type of fuel of your vehicle.

Just like you get penalized for not carrying the documents like registration certificate, car insurance paper, driving license, etc, you also get penalized for not carrying a PUC certificate. The amount is Rs. 1000 for the first time and Rs. 2000 for each time you repeat the same mistake. So it’s important to have a valid PUC certificate and to make it early, you should opt for an online PUC certificate.

Benefits of online PUC certificate

PUC certificate is not just to avoid the penalties and to cope with the government rules. But getting an online PUC certificate will benefit you a lot more than that. It will help you to get it early. Getting a PUC certificate means you are being a responsible citizen of the country and not contributing to the huge pollution that is happening throughout the world. And you are contributing to keeping the environment clean and healthy. You will also be able to know about the condition of your vehicle. If you are renewing the pollution certificate every 6 months means your vehicles are getting scanned each time. And you are getting aware of the pollution caused by your vehicle. And on that basis, you can reach the service centers before it causes any large problems.

And getting saved from the penalty and being a law-abiding citizen is also the pluses. As it’s one of the mandatory documents to go on the road with your car or motorbike or any other vehicle.

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The article was all about the pollution certificate in India. You got to know about how to get a PUC certificate online and how you can get an online PUC certificate, which is mandatory to run any kind of vehicle in India.

Hope the article was informative and helpful to you and was able to fulfill its sole purposes.


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