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Life Hacks to Improve the Life of Your Tyres

5 Life Hacks to Improve the Life of Your Tyres


Tyre Manufacturers claim that they do the best they can while manufacturing a tyre. A tyre may be touted as the core element of your vehicle. It is an undeniable fact that a tyre imposes a great role in the stability, grip, and control of the rider on the vehicle. So, if you have just bought a new tyre or if you think you need to replace your old tyre, here are 5 amazing tips to improve the life of your tyre and safeguard your loved ones.

Always Drive Smoothly

It is as simple as that! The way you drive your vehicle greatly affects how your tyres wear and how long they’ll last. Develop a habit of smoother gear shifts, be a little gentle while braking, controlling the acceleration and cornering can all help to prevent redundant wear to your tyres.

Be Careful in Taking the Path

One more thing that you can do to increase the life of your new tyres is to keep in mind the road surface and your surroundings. Whether it’s the potholes, bumpy roads, or even being careful while parking near street ends. These smaller details help you when you drive not only keeps you safe but gives your tyres a longer lifespan too.

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Keep the Tyres Adequately Inflated

One of the simplest things to do. If your tyres are under-inflated, they create enormous heat which leads to blowouts and making them more prone to punctures. On the other hand, if your tyres are over-inflated, blowouts can happen too due to over-pressure and your treads will wear out quickly. Hence, make sure your tyres are properly inflated so that they last longer, and keeps you safer.

Keep the wheel Alignment in your Service Checklist

Your tyre treads will wear out unevenly when your wheels are out of alignment. This makes one side of the tyre weaker and finally damaged. By performing regular wheel alignments, you can help make sure your treads wear evenly and last longer. Most of the leading tyre manufacturers in India recommend the same, as this is the most common thing in the cases of worn-out tyres.

Terminal Checks for Tread Wear

With longer drives, it is inevitable that the rubber on your tyres will wear out. But what you can do is to make sure that the treads wear evenly. A way to achieve this is to bring them in for check annually. This will not only enable you to take the necessary actions to prevent irregular tread wear, but it also keeps you updated on the condition of your tyres.

Having said all the things, at the end of the day it is your responsibility to tick the checklist. Your vehicle is the means of reducing complexities in your life. You have to take preventive actions so that they do not increase the problems in your schedule. After all, everyone wants their vehicles alive and inefficient conditions all the time.

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