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Largest Automobile Companies in India

Top 10 Largest Automotive Companies in India 2023


Do you know how well the automobile industry of India is?


Do you have any idea about where the Indian automobile companies stand in the ranking?

Are you keen to know which are the largest automobile companies in India?

Don’t worry, we have all the answers to your queries. We are here to help you.

India is a major automobile manufacturing country in the world. India ranks on top of the list of countries producing automobiles.

It is considered to be the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers and the second-largest producer of two-wheelers. Many companies are setting up their base in India and India is becoming the hub of automobile production.

Different Automobile Companies in India.

India has a leading population and the citizens here have a very good interest in the Automobile Industry. In India, owning a car is considered a luxury.

In this article, we will be discussing the ten best automobile companies in India.

So let’s begin…

Let’s have a look at the list of the top ten automobile companies in India.

Top 10 Largest Automotive Companies in India

Maruti Suzuki

You must have heard the name and seen the logo of this company all around you. Maruti Suzuki is actually a collaboration of two different companies Maruti of India and Suzuki of Japan. Technically it is called a joint venture.

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The company got a lot of name fame and business in India with so many launches and keeping the requirements of all the Indian citizens on the stack.

The most loved cars in this company are Desire and Alto which sold a lot and you can find them everywhere around you.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra is not just a company but it is a giant in the market. It is truly a very difficult fight with this company if you plan to launch SUV in the market.

They appear to be the only seller of it especially before 2017.

Not just that, it also rules the market of tractors where it is the largest manufacturer with no potential competitor.

It has launched not one or two but all the major tractors and SUVs. The common names you must have heard or seen are Thar, Scorpio, Bolero, Xylo, and XUV.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is considered to be a name of faith in India. This Indian This Indian car company has also got fame in the international market with the launch of the cheapest ever car in the world TATA Nano.

The owner of TATA bought the other major luxury car companies Jaguar and Land Rover. Apart from all these achievements, Tata has also established itself with heavy vehicles as well.

 It has a wide number of buses and trucks running on the road. All other kinds of heavy transport are also of the same company. The major cars of this company are Nexon, Sumo, Zest, etc.

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Hyundai Motor India

It is a South Korean automobile company that manufactures some of the best cars in India.

Ranks as the second-largest manufacturer in India is a leading Indian car exporter.

Its models range from classic budgeted cars to some of the very expensive ones. Its top models are Eon, i10, and i10 Grand, Elantra, Xcent, Creta, Tucson & Santro.

Honda Cars India

Honda is a well-established company in Japan and later entered the market of various countries.

As per the rules, in the beginning, every company has to enter as a joint venture so they did it with the Hero company.

Once they are in the market, they came up with a lot of the vehicles launched which were really appreciated by the customers. Even now they are the first choice for middle-class Indians. The major cars of the company are Honda City, Honda Jazz, etc.

Ford Motors

Ford is an American company. It is also the most selling American company in India.

It has a good grip on the market with some very great SUVs and luxury cars in the market.

Ford Endeavour is the most loved car of Ford which is a great car at the price range.

Hero MotoCorp

Hero Motocorp is the two-wheeler giant of the Indian market.

It is the highest-selling and manufacturing company of two-wheelers. It is the first choice of the middle-class of India as it is of affordable range and also gives a very good efficiency.

The major products of the company are Splendor, Glamor, Passion Pro, and Pleasure.

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Volkswagen India

Volkswagen is a Germany-based car company that started manufacturing cars in India under the name Volkswagen India from 2007.

Since its entry into India, it has received good popularity but still, it has to go a long way.

It manufactures some of the best cars which are very spacious, stylish and the latest engineering technologies are involved in its manufacturing.

Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Vento, and Volkswagen Tiguan are some of the most popular models from Volkswagen India.

Nissan Motors India Pvt. Ltd.

It is another big name in the list of companies manufacturing cars in India.

This company is famous for its classy superior designed models with efficient, strong engines and classic look.

Since its establishment in India in the year 2005, it has gone a long way. Some of its best models include Nissan GT R, Nissan Micra, Nissan Kicks, and Nissan Frontrunner.

Toyota India

This company was started jointly by Japan’s Toyota Motors and India’s Kirloskar Group.

Established in 1997, it has emerged as a  leading car manufacturer in the Indian market.

It manufactures a variety of cars for people with different budgets.

Some of its top models are -Toyota Innova, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Camry, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Fortune.

In conclusion

Many big companies in the world like Mercedes Benz, Lexus, BMW- have centers in India where their cars are assembled.

India has leading automobile companies functioning in India and there is no doubt that India will soon become the top rank vehicle manufacturing country in the world.


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