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Tunnels in India

List of Top 10 Longest Road and Railway Tunnels in India 2023


Longest Tunnels in India: We all are aware of the fact that Indian railway and roadway network is among the largest transportation networks of the world. In the last few decades, India has emerged as one of the major producers of megastructures like bridges, flyovers, elevated freeways, cloverleaf, national highways, and tunnels. Tunnels are one of the very important constructions among these.

Tunnels basically serve as an underground passage which is used for many kinds of purposes. Tunnels can be used for connecting railway lines or as a part of roadways or for supplying facilities like water or for sewage purposes.

Construction of tunnels requires a high initial cost of construction and engineering skills and a lot of effort as the whole construction is done underground, without disturbing the upper surface.

A number of advances, strong and long tunnels are built across the whole country. They are one of the basic reasons for such a huge and efficient transport network in India.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major tunnels of India. We will be talking about the top 5 largest, longest rail tunnels and road tunnels and we will know about some interesting facts about them.

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Let’s begin….

There are a lot many numbers of tunnels in India. Most of the tunnels are concentrated in the region of Western Ghats and in the Himalayas.

There are also many ongoing tunnels projects in India. A lot of construction process is going in the Himalayan region under the Indian Railway project.

Let’s discuss about road tunnels first and in the next section, we will discuss about Railway tunnels.

List of Top 5 Longest Road Tunnels in India

Chenani Nashri Tunnel

Also known as the Patnitop tunnel, Chenani Nashri tunnel is the longest road tunnel in India. With a length of 9200 meters, it is one of the largest tunnel projects in India. It is also included in the list of some of the longest Asian tunnels.

Located in the north Indian state- Jammu, and Kashmir, it is one of the very important tunnels of north India.

Rohtang Tunnel

Rohtang Tunnel is the second name on our list. With a length of 8800 meters, it is also the highest road tunnel of the world which is situated at a height of about 4 km above the sea level.

This tunnel is constructed on the Leh – Manali highway in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Ghar Ki Guni Tunnel

With a length of 2800 meters, Ghat Ki Guni tunnel is on the third place in our list of longest Indian road tunnels.

It is one of the very important tunnels located in Rajasthan which joins Agra of Uttar Pradesh with the capital of Rajasthan-Jaipur.

Jawahar Tunnel

Also known as the Banihal tunnel, this is the fourth tunnel on our list. Its length is about 2500 meters.

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It is located in the Banihal Pass which is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is also one of the highest road tunnels of India and has a height of about 2.2 kilometers.

It is a very beautiful tunnel and recently after renovation, it has been now fitted with world-class lighting, emergency exit, ventilation system and CCTVs.

Kamshet Tunnel

Constructed in the Indian state of Maharashtra, this tunnel has a length of about 1843 meters and comes at the 5th place in our list of longest Indian road tunnels.

It is also one of the biggest tunnels of India as well as Maharashtra on the Mumbai Pune expressway and is well maintained.

Let us now have a look at some of the longest railway tunnels of India.

List of Top 5 Longest Railway Tunnels in India

Pir Panjal Tunnel

With a length of 11200 meters, it is regarded as India’s longest railway tunnel. This tunnel is also the second-longest Asian railway tunnel.

This tunnel is constructed in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas on the highest mountain pass of the country.  The trial train has successfully passed through the tunnel and the tunnel is very close to being fully constructed and functional.

Karbude Tunnel

Situated between the railway line of Ukshi and Bhoke station, this tunnel is the second-longest Indian Railway tunnel.

It has a length of approximately 6500 meters and is one of the jewels of Indian engineering works.

It is constructed in the Konkan range of Maharashtra and is one of the very important projects of the Konkan railway route.

Natuwadi Tunnel

It comes in third place in our list of longest Indian railway tunnels. This is also constructed in the Konkan Railway line of Maharashtra between the stations of Karanjadi and Diwan Khavati.

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It is 300 meters long and is one of the very beautiful, clean and well-maintained tunnels of India which was constructed in the year -1997.

Tike Tunnel

With a length of around 4000 meters, it comes in fourth place in our list.

It is constructed in the Western Ghat region( Maharashtra) between the Ratnagiri and Nivasar station.

It is also one of the very important tunnels of Maharashtra.

Berdewadi Tunnel

This tunnel is also about 4000 meters long which is constructed in the Indian state of Maharashtra between the Adavali and Vilavade railway lines.

It is also a project of the Konkan railway route and is one of the most important tunnels of India.

Here ends our list of major tunnels of India. Apart from these tunnels, there are many other tunnels in India which are playing an important role in transportation and many tunnels are also on the way of construction.

These tunnels are very important for efficient transportation facilities to be availed throughout the country. They help to minimize traffic congestion and noise pollution and use underground land and make the distance shorter to cover and thus, helps to save time and energy consumed in traveling long distances. They are also a good transportation option as they can be protected from air bombing and attacks.

India is emerging as one of the very fast-developing countries of the world and these tunnels will surely help it to achieve its target.


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