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Radial Tires

What is Radial Tire? Advantages of Radial Tyres


The two-wheeler tyre company in India are divided into two main types of tyre – bias tyre and Radial tyre. These type of the main classification as in the terms of production of tyres and the essential features of them.

What is Radial Tire?

When it comes to radial tyres, then there are many people who might come up with a most bizarre explanation. This type of explanation might not even be up to the point. However, these type of tyres has the radial pipes that have a transverse feature to it. It comes up perpendicular to the travel direction that made it easier to work on.

In addition to this, the radial tyres for two-wheelers provide a very softer and smoother ride with the lower building up of heat. Hence, radial tyres are widely used by people for better results and formation in terms of flexibility. Also, it allows an individual to have many safety measures on the list.

  • The grip of this type of tyre is remarkable as a form of damage and shocks for the interior form.
  • It also has an amazing formation in terms of manoeuvrability and durability of the tyre that can go for a longer period of time.
  • Due to its soft feature, it is easy to have a comfortable ride in the aspect of flexibility and interior protection.
  • It also allows one to have a lower shock route when it comes to body and the highway wheels. On top of that, they can handle any sort of pressure easily making them even more compatible to use.
  • The rim of the tyre can help up by the beading wire easily without any worry of it getting rupture.
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Advantages of Radial Tyres

The most essential work that can be completed with the radial tyre is safer rides. Even after the softness in the tyre, it has a firm grip on the road. This makes it easy to have a safe ride and no risk of slipping. Apart from this, the radial tyre is extremely beneficial with:

  • It is extremely beneficial when it comes to the softer side. The main reason behind this is that it has a fixed layout that allows one to work on the proper plies and then carry forward with the flex.
  • The best of all the features is that the tyre doesn’t undergo the whole vibration issue. This makes it easy for the driver to ride on the two-wheelers.
  • Apart from this, there is low consumption of fuel in the tyre that is made up of radial. They have a tendency to survive on a higher level. This makes it an ideal choice for the riders.

However, these tyres are a little bit costly as compared to bias tyres but they have whole different benefits to look forward to.

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