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Royal Enfield – The King of Two-wheeler


How does it feel while you ride a bike that sports a thundering sound? How does it feel to ride a Royal Enfield? There is no denying that the bike adds a powerful touch to your personality. The bike has been an apple of the eye for many riders, especially the riders who love to adventure. Do you love to go on a journey full of adventure? It’s been a long year since the company has been operating. We will take a look at its history, journey, and the models available for you.

Being a totally separate entity in the two-wheeler section, Royal Enfield has established its ground. Whether it is an adventure or just a love for the bike, there are many reasons to choose this bike. Whenever one hears the sound of it, a different persona is created about the rider. If you are planning to buy a Royal Enfield, it’s mandatory to know about this entity. You will come to know many new things about this bike. Evolving with the time, the name is still thundering in the riders’ minds. So, let’s know about the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production.

Origin of Royal Enfield

Before knowing anything, it is wise to know how and when it came. It is interesting to know the history of something. For those who don’t know about its parent company, let me tell you Royal Enfield is now a subsidiary of Eicher Motors Limited which is also an Indian automaker company. Royal Enfield has been making bikes since 1901 but the contract between Madras Motors in India and the Royal Enfield company was in 1955 just after the post-independence of India. The government was looking for a bike for the soldiers to patrol the border and Royal Enfield was the most suitable choice.

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They ordered 800 units of this 350cc model and the journey of Royal Enfield took a big turn. Though the company has England origin, it was partnered in 1955 in forming the Royal Enfield of India. The company used to make motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers, and stationary engines in their birthplace at Redditch, Worcestershire. If you have seen any old picture, you must be aware of the logo, “Made Like a gun” reflected on the war weapons. It was then licensed by the Crown in 1890.

Evolution throughout the Year

Real familiarization started to grow from 1909 when they introduced a small Motorcycle with a 21/4 HP V twin Motosacoche engine of Swiss origin. Then came the 23/4 HP engine. In 1912, they made JAP 6 HP 770 CC V. The company was growing in the household also. They made 3 HP motorcycles in 1914 that became the standardized Enfield paint scheme.

WWI started and the company came to a halt. Again, the production started after 1920. Those years the company was planning to launch something better which reflected in 1924 with 4 versions of the 21/4 HP two-stroke motorcycle, two new JAP engines 350 cc motorcycles, and two versions of the 8 HP Vickers engines.

Another crisis was in the 1930s during the time of the great depression. The whole world saw a concerning economic crisis along with the businesses. There was no demand but the company continued its operation. The result was the introduction of Cycar. The manufacturing company saw a big hike in their production at the time of WWII when the British Military ordered bikes for the military troops. One of the well-known entities at that time was the Royal Enfield WD/RE, a lightweight 125cc model which was also known as Flying Flea. It could be dropped by parachute with airborne troops.

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After the second world war, the introduction of the J2 model changed the concept of riding a bike. This is the ancestor of the later creation of the Bullet. It was time to spread the business. India was a perfect choice. Before setting up the factory in 1955, the motorcycles had already been introduced to the country. When the government ordered 800 units, it was time to find the Indian base. Madras Motors bought 50% of the Redditch company’s shares and started to produce the Enfield Bullet that became history later.

Then came the iconic model, the Continental GT in 1964 featuring a racing petrol tank, clip-on handlebars, rear sets, a humped race seat, rev counter, and a swept-back exhaust. The Royal Enfield 350 cc model was being exported rapidly to the UK and the European countries. The name started to become familiar to the whole world. Many bike enthusiasts joined the bandwagon of Royal Enfield. The subsequent time was history. The 500cc UCE engine was launched and sales grew rapidly. It got cult status.

In 2013, Royal Enfield started another manufacturing company at Oragadam, Tamil Nadu. Within a few years in 2016, another model from the brand was launched which changed the concept of riding on the road. The Himalayan is a well-regarded model one can buy for an adventurous journey. Still, the brand is continuing its production with their new fully operational Technology Centre in the UK and maybe we will see something different next time.

Which Models to Buy

Being a very old bike manufacturing company, Royal Enfield has been a well-regarded company. Over the years, the brand has launched a number of motorcycles. Let’s see some of the popular models which you can buy.

  1. Royal Enfield Classic 350cc – Price is between Rs 1.79 – 2.06 lakh
  2. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 cc – Price is between Rs 1.34 – 1.55 lakh
  3. Royal Enfield Himalayan – Price is between Rs 2.05 – 2.13 lakh
  4. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 cc – Price is between Rs 1.92 – 2.08 lakh
  5. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 cc – Price is between Rs 2.81 – 3.03 lakh
  6. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 cc – Price is between Rs 2.98 – 3.20 lakh
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These 6 models are thundering on the road with pride. Depending upon your budget, you can go for anyone. If you want to wait for the upcoming model, you will get two. Let’s see those two upcoming models.

  1. Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc 2021 – Expected price 1.70lakh with an expected launch date in Oct 2021.
  2. Royal Enfield Hunter – Expected price 1.70 lakh with an expected launch date in Oct 2021.
  3. Royal Enfield Roadster 650 cc – Expected price 3.50 lakh with an expected launch date in Oct 2021.

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