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Best Cycle in India

List of Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in India 2023


Best Cycle in India: Girls love to ride cycles because of their sleek bodies and easy functions. Kids and adults also love to ride this because of its comfort. Cycle riding is more affordable than other forms of transport. It is safe and you can take a cycle even on the busiest streets.

For many years, the people in India ride bicycles to go to college, school, and work as well. Even you must have ridden cycles in your school days.

Do you know the popular bicycle brands in India? If not, this article will highlight all the best cycles in India:

Hero Cycles

The first one on our list is the most popular bicycle brand in India, Hero. It came into existence in the year 1984. This brand earns a yearly revenue of INR 31, 480.

The bicycles of the Hero brand are perfect for youngsters as well as adults. It has also received many awards for producing the best bicycles.

Atlas Cycles

We all have heard about this brand. This company was established by Shri Janki Das Kapur in Sonepat, Haryana in the year 1951. Atlas Cycles is among the top bicycle brands in India.

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Atlas bicycles have innovative designs and beautiful colors. The superior quality bicycles of Atlas look unique on the roads. Many college students in India like Atlas Cycles. It sells more than 4 million bicycles in a year.

Schwinn Bikes

German engineer Ignaz Schwinn had the passion to make some of the most beautiful cycles. He formed the Schwinn Bicycle Company in the year 1895.

It is one of the best cycle brands in India producing an array of bicycles like hybrid, cruisers, and others. The cycles of Schwinn are loved by teens, kids, and adults because of their compact size and amazing colors.

Firefox Bikes

The next on the list is the Firefox brand. It produces some of the most stunning bicycles with different designs and colors. This brand arrived in Indian markets in the year 2005.

Further, this brand produces cycles for adults, teens, and kids. The solid body of Firebox bicycles runs on any type of road. There are many unique bicycles of this brand.

BSA Ladybird

BSA Ladybird is famous among Indian girls. It produces some of the most gorgeous bicycles with amazing designs. This brand produces affordable bicycles with beautiful colors like pink and yellow.

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In addition to that, the bicycles of BSA Ladybird have a strong body and unique designs like flying birds and scenery. It specifically produces bicycles for college girls.

La Sovereign

La Sovereign formed 40 years ago. It is the result of a collaboration between India and Thailand. This brand produces some of the top 10 cycles in India with robust designs.

The colors of the designs of La Sovereign bicycles are simply awesome. You can ride these bicycles on all types of roads. It also produces different kinds of bikes.

Avon Cycles

Avon manufactures some of the best bicycles in India for teens as well as adults. The bicycles of this brand have superb features such as a strong alloy rim, suspension frame, and good seat and V brakes.

Avon’s bicycles remain in good condition for many years. They have a strong body and nice quality tires. You can buy Avon bicycles from online sites also.

Trek Bikes

At number 8, it is a Trek brand. Since the year 1976, this brand is providing some of the most beautiful bicycles in Indian markets.

Unique in design, the bicycles of the Trek brand are made using new technologies. It also produces various kinds of bikes for teens. You can get sporty colors on these bicycles as per your choice.


The next on the list is the Kross brand. It is the Polish brand producing some of the best bicycles. Kross Company established in the year 1990. It exports products to 35 countries in the world.

Apart from stunning bicycles, this brand produces the best bikes. It manufactures different kinds of bikes such as trekking, urban, mountain, and other bikes.

Mongoose Bicycles

Mongoose brand formed in the year 1974 in Simi Valley, California, the U.S. The bicycles of this brand have small wheels and solid body. You can ride these bicycles on any type of road.

Further, the bicycles of the Mongoose brand have rim brakes and other features. They have an amazing look with stunning colors. It produces bicycles for college girls and guys.


This is the list of the 10 best bicycle brands in India. For many years, these brands sell wonderful bicycles with good designs.

You can choose the best bicycle in India from the above brands.


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