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Seven Seater Cars

List of Top 10 Seven Seater Cars in India 2023


Seven Seater Cars In India: Though the families in the country have been more nuclear than before, the demand for small cars has increased. Simultaneously, the demand for large cars or seven-seater cars has not diminished. I think you are also expecting the same thing that I am going to state. Let’s take a scenario here. Some of the important relatives have come to your home. They want to take a ride around the city. But you don’t have much space in your car.

Now, it’s your time to reject their demand strategically because you can’t give them a ride altogether as you only have a 4-5 seater car. Or you have to fulfil it somehow just because of maintaining the prestige and good reputation in the family. Therefore, it’s time to think about seven-seater cars. This article will give you a list of 7-seater cars that can surely catch your attention. 

Some attention-grabbing seven-seater cars are on the road. They are luxurious as well as comfortable. So, without delay, let’s look at the best seven-seater cars in India

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

The first name that comes to mind is Maruti Suzuki Ertiga because this is one of the most popular and demanding seven-seater cars in India. If you are looking for a budget-friendly car that comes at an on-road price of Rs 8.45 lakh, Ertiga can be a significant consideration. Powered by a 1462 cc engine, this car generates a max power of 103bhp and max torque of 138nm. Almost all the essential key features like ABS, Power steering, and Airbags are available with this car. Suitable for both petrol and diesel, Ertiga gives a mileage of 17.99 – 26.08kmpl. 

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Toyota Innova Crysta

Innova Crysta is the second name on our list. Its reliability, effective service, and cool design make a good combination of your perfect choice. The car comes at Rs 17, 78 lakh on-road price. There are other variants also. This 2393 cc powerful engine produces a max power of 164bhp and max torque of 245nm. Another interesting feature is its spacious cabin. 

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra has a big name in the car industry. They have a diverse range of collections. Scorpio has been a big name because of its fuel efficiency, notable features, and affordable price. If you are looking for a seven-seater car that can fulfil these demands, you can definitely go for Scorpio. The price starts at Rs 11.99 lakh. As it runs on a diesel engine, the 2179 cc engine provides smooth riding. The car generates a max power of 140bhp and a max torque of 319nm. 

Mahindra XUV500

XUV500 has been considered as a compact car in the list of 7-seater cars. The car has grabbed the audience’s attention for its powerful diesel engine, spacious cabin, and marvellous street performance. The price point starts at Rs 15.13 lakh. The 2179 cc engine produces 152bhp of max power and 360Nm of max torque. This awesome-looking SUV gives 15.1kmpl of mileage.

Renault Triber

If you have low price and high quality in your mind when buying a seven-seater car, you should not miss the chance of checking the Renault Triber. Within a few months after launch, the car has been enlisted on the popular list. At Rs 5.30 lakh, Triber gives you more flexibility with the car. It has a spacious cabin. It looks awesome. The significant features are there. And what more do you need for your eco-friendly choice? The car offers 18.2kmpl of mileage. It generates 72bhp of max power and 96Nm of max torque. 

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Audi Q7

This car may not fit the eco-friendly option. However, it is luxurious as well as very comfortable. Audi Q7 is considered to be a posh car because of its high cost, powerful engine, spacious cabin, and standard design. It’s a highly sophisticated car which comes at Rs 86 lakh according to the on-road price. There is not much information about the car as it is going to launch in Sept this year. 


BMW is considered a high-range budget car. The 2998 cc engine generates 335bhp of max power and 450Nm of max torque. The price starts at Rs 93 lakh according to the ex-showroom price. This SUV-looking car is best fitted for people looking for luxury with smoother performance.

Mahindra Bolero

As I said, Mahindra has a great collection of cars, one time checking on those cars will give you much more to think about. The price point starts at 9.12 lakh. The 1493 cc engine provides a 16.7kmpl of mileage. Three variants are available in the market. The overall design looks sturdy and well suited for the rough journey. 

Toyota Fortuner

Fortuner is a good model for its powerful engine, luxurious facilities, and overall performance. This car has a great demand in the market. The price point starts at Rs 30.34 lakh. The 2694 cc engine generates 201bhp of max power and 500Nm of max torque. You should not overlook this seven-seater car. 

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz GLS is a perfect luxurious SUV in the market right now. This is yet another high-budget car in the best seven-seater SUVs in India. Comes at an ex-showroom price of 1.04 Cr, this car provides all the luxurious facilities you need. The 2999 cc car can generate a max power of 325bhp and max torque of 700nm, which are shocking. Looks like an SUV, the car has seven seating capacity, which is perfect for a large family. Some of the key features which are definitely expected at this budget are ABS, Power steering, Airbags for passengers and drivers, multi-functioning steering wheel, and many more.

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Though there are many on the list, particularly, these ten cars fall under the list of 7-seater cars in India. So, which one are you planning to buy? Some of the top manufacturing companies are making seven-seater cars with advanced features. You can go for an eco-friendly option or choose the big-budget one. Whatever you choose, it should fulfil the criteria of why you are buying.


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