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Tractor Companies in India

Top 10 Tractor Manufacturing Companies in India 2023


In this post, we are going to discuss the top 10 tractor companies in India.

India is a developing country, and we owe this development to the farmers of our country. Around 60 – 70% of the Indian population directly or indirectly depends upon the Agriculture sector.

Earlier, farmers used to plow their land using wooden plows then the iron plows came to use. So as we can see, we have been modernizing our farming methods with time. And it is time when we replace mules and bulls with heavy machines and tractors.

In the world of automobiles, tractors play a major role. It is just not used in the fields but can also be used for other purposes too. But my friends, just like any other automobile or equipment, you must keep in mind about your requirements. If you have a small field, then buying a heavy-powered tractor would only prove to be a blatant mistake. You must learn to invest carefully as it is not every day you would be buying a tractor. Keep this stuff in mind before you choose the right beast suited for you.

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On how many acres of land are you planning to work on and for what type of applications you would need your tractor?

The priority of the works you wish to engage in? You must prioritize your tasks as it would help you bring you one step closer to choosing the perfect tractor for you. It helps you decide the correct horsepower range, lift, and hydraulic capacity, etc.

Do you feel the need for diversified functionality of a loader mounted at the front of your tractor?? This would help you determine if you need a four-wheel drive and a hydraulic capacity.

Are you looking for an automatic-like transmission or are you old school and like to prefer manual clutching and shifting? You should definitely take this into consideration while choosing your tractor.

And yes, of course, it depends on your budget too. Many people buy stuff which they don’t need or use rarely at great cost. You definitely don’t want to make the same mistake.

Think carefully about the smallest area of land you would have to navigate your tractor through. It would not look good if your tractor gets stuck in the same closed region, would it?

How much are you into the comfort zone, I mean the heating and air conditioning?? Would you like to operate from inside a cab or would it be fine anyway? (You can work for longer hours comfortably if working inside a cab).

What is the overall reputation and customer service of the brand you are opting to choose? Always remember that good customer service must always be preferred. Do not forget to take the warranty factor into consideration, but also remember that the warranty period offered isn’t always an indication of quality. Sometimes, brands that offer longer warranty periods may not always provide more reliable equipment.

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Last but not least, just ride out the tractor and decide for yourself. So we would like to bring out some perfect brands to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Tractor Brands in India 2023

10. Preet Tractors

Preet Tractors is a preferred choice for many when we talk about tractors ranging from 30 to 90 HP. Apart from these, you can try out its other items from its huge range of farm products. Set up in 1980 and is still in competition with the other tractor manufacturing companies.

9. Balwan Tractors, by Force Motors

The company originally belongs to Pune, and apart from making Tractors Force also manufactures passenger and commercial vehicles.

8. Eicher Tractors

It is one of the oldest tractor brands in India. In 1960 the first Eicher tractor was manufactured in India. Tafe acquired the Eicher Tractor in 2005, but it still manufacturing and selling tractors with the Eicher brand name.

7. New Holland, An Italian Company

Apart from its great and wide-ranging products, New Holland provides excellent Customer Service unlike a few of the others. This company started operating in our country in the year 1996 and has already impressed its customers. Around 250 thousand Tractors have been sold all over India.

6. John Deere

Established in 1837, This equipment manufacturing company from the US has been doing an extremely fine job in India too. This company has been ranked 300th in the list of Global Fortune 500.

5. Escorts Agri Machinery

Escorts is one of the most trusted and renowned names in the sector of Agriculture in the country and the whole world. It was started in the year 1960, and apart from making Tractors for our country, they also have a market in over 40 other countries.

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4. Sonalika International

It is based in Punjab and is one of the early giants of Tractors in India. It started its own passenger car manufacturing in the year 2004.

3. Swaraj Tractors

It manufactures tractors from 15HP to 60HP power category. Formerly it was known as Punjab tractors and it manufactures its first vehicle in 1974. In 2007 the company was taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra and then changed its name to Swaraj Division.

2. Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited or TAFE

It came into existence in the year 1960 and is based in Chennai. The most popular tractor brands of TAFE are Ferguson, Massey, and Tafe.

1. Mahindra Tractor

It’s a name we all have heard of. It came into existence in the year 1964, and apart from being India’s leading tractor manufacturer, it is also the worlds’ number one in terms of volume. It has also moved to manufacture other automobiles for passenger work or commercial usage but not at the cost of compromising the quality of its Tractors.

Hope you found this helpful.


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